I need help identifying (and adding) a Belgian abbey beer

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by EkimGram, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. EkimGram

    EkimGram Aficionado (245) New York Oct 16, 2009

    Hi all,

    A friend of mine recently went to his native Belgium and brought back some abbey beer for me. I can't seem to find it listed anywhere in the BA database and so I'm hoping to give it a review tonight and add it.

    Here is a picture of the front of the bottle:


    Roosenbergbier - [Rosenberg Beer]
    Waasmunster [A municipality in Flanders, Belgium]
    Abdijbier [Abbey beer]
    Cuvee Prestige [A type of wine?]

    The back is all text written in 99% Dutch/Belgian-Dutch.

    For those of you who are fluent, perhaps you can provide a better translation than I can:

    Other information from the back:

    9% ABV
    Plato: 18
    Br. Van Steenberge, B-9940 Ertvelde,

    Now, I can't figure out if it was brewed under Van Steenberge or if it is a product of the Rosenberg Abbey. My friend said you can only buy it from the Abbey so maybe Van Steenberge helps distribute it or is some sort of umbrella company?

    Anyway, I can't wait to pop the cork on this one (I've had it in my fridge for a few weeks now) but I would like to try and have the full story before I start writing in my journal.
  2. EkimGram

    EkimGram Aficionado (245) New York Oct 16, 2009

    I'm also inclined to this it's a Tripel.
  3. I would add it under Steenberge. I'm sure this is the same type of thing they did for Monk's.

    Cuvée Prestige is just fancy talk for "fancy" beer. In China this would be something like: Super High Quality Premium Beer.
  4. GennyCreamAle

    GennyCreamAle Initiate (0) New York Feb 25, 2009

    Waasmunster launches new aperitif beer Cuvée Prestige

    22/06 / '11 WAASMUNSTER (9250) The municipality Waasmunster can show off a brand new aperitif beer: Cuvée Prestige

    "We were looking for a new impetus, and therefore immediately thought of an aperitif beer," said Mayor Rick Daelman. "As a church we often give receptions, which always wine being poured. Now we can serve our own aperitif on such occasions."

    Cuvée Prestige was special for the town and tourist office VVV brewed by brewery Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, and got the logo with the abbey From Mountain Rose. "It is a light amber colored beer with a full white head", does the label of the 75 centiliterfles salivating. "Cuvée Presige overwhelms you with an aroma of bitter, spicy and malty aromas. Digestif The beer fits perfectly ripe and refined cheeses."
  5. Ask in the Benelux forum?
  6. EkimGram

    EkimGram Aficionado (245) New York Oct 16, 2009

    So what do you guys think the name & style should be? I don't want to add anything that's inaccurate.

    EDIT: Looking at the VS list I guess Abdij Van Roosenberg Curvee Prestige would be appropriate. I'm still not sure about the style...
  7. Erzengel

    Erzengel Aficionado (240) Germany Sep 8, 2008

    If it is "licht amberkleurig" and has 9%, I would guess it is a Triple. And the name you chose looks good :)

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