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  1. I searched and didn't see a thread. Anyone open an '08 recently??

    I had an '08 about a year ago and really enjoyed the way it's matured.... I'm just not certain how much longer they should be aged. Any recent tastings???

    Also - what's the 1st yr bottled?
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    2006 was the first year it was released. 2008 was the second. Since then it has been released annually. in December.

    That's good news about your 2008. I have a couple 2009's that I've been nervous about.
  3. In another thread, I had posted that I opened a 08 and an 09 a couple weeks ago. The 2008 held up much better then the 2009 IMO. I would drink the 09 sooner then later IMO of course. I have a 2010 that I will drink in the next year or so.

  4. Brez07

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    I have the same feelings about my '09. Going to be doing a '09-'12 vert within the next month which I'm pretty excited about
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