Belgium In de Vrede hours?

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  1. Hi,

    I'll be traveling to Poperinge/Westvleteren in August, and I'm wondering what the cafe hours are at the abbey? I'm specifically wondering how late in the day the cafe is open. Anyone have an idea? The website is not particularly helpful.

  2. they are open every day starting from 10 am. Closing day is Friday.
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    As you know, the website shows you what time they open and what days they are closed (also accounting for vacations), but I don't remember what time they close. I do remember being there several times later in the evening as the sun was setting in the summer. 9pm? 10pm?
  4. Very good. I should be there around 5pm on that day, I'm just hoping it's still open!
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    Last summer they were closed thursday and friday.
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