In search of Citra hop rhizomes

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  1. I understand that Citra hop rhizomes are nearly impossible to track down due to proprietary reasons. Anyone had luck finding any? Or is anyone growing some and willing to ship a section of the rhizome? I grow a good amount of hops in my backyard and am in search of Citra to round out my varieties. Any suggestions on close varieties that I may not be aware of?
  2. I am not aware of Citra through any legit retail channels.

    Edit - or any non legit channels for what it is worth.
  3. stupac2

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    Sounds like it's time for a daring midnight hopyard robbery.

    Incidentally, theft of seeds/seedlings is actually how coffee became widespread.
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    You asked your question and answered it all in your original post.
    Nearly impossible? Proprietary strains should be impossible, there should not be any available to the public. They may eventually become available, but it is a pretty new strain and would probably be a few years off yet.
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  5. The only way to get them, is if you know exactly where the farm that grows them is, break onto it, and take a cutting.
  6. Proprietary hops have a 20 year patent IIRC. So Citra still has some time left.

    If for some reason demand falls off (unlikely), or the hop has yield or disease issues, then it would become available. Summit is for sale due to problems with growing it, mildew I think was the reason.
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    where exactly can i order summit rhizomes?
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    It was for sale from Wilamette Valley hops, but they pulled and generously refunded all Summit orders because Summit is patented and cannot be sold by them.
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  10. I have heard a couple of homegrowers get ahold of Amarillo - have no idea how though.
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    hahaha, I never had the onion/garlic taste come across, it always seemed to happen with pellets and not whole hops, all I ever tasted from it was a tangerine bomb.

    I would like to get my hands on meridian as well, you know anybody that has those?