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Great Britain Innis and Gunn Gift Box Beers

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CwrwAmByth, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. There's a porter and a rum cask ale too. Anybody tried these? What were the thoughts on them?

    My first instinct was "meh Innis and Gunn..." then I saw how pretty the boxes were and now I kind of want them.
  2. I get the impression that some of their more unusual releases are a bit better than their standard beers. I've had the rum cask and it's pretty good - not mind-blowing but a robust character with a decent flavour. Although you can often find it on offer in supermarkets....
  3. the winter porter is pretty good... for an I&G beer...
  4. yeah - the treacle porter is no world beater but a tasty enough drop for your £££.

    In a box as well so no light pissing through!
  5. Of all the beers I've rated on BA the normal I&G is the lowest rated beer I've drunk. It was awful, to the point where I wanted to pour it out, and I've been a borderline alcoholic for ten years and have never wanted to do that before. Plus I drank in volume for ten years before that!

    I'm assuming the clear bottle I had was so light struck it had turned poisonous
  6. Don't be a victim of marketing Essex. You know how it will turn out.
  7. Yeah that's why I was able to stay my hand and spend my last £4 on a Orval glass instead. Was proud of myself for not getting more beer though. They had Arbor ales I hadn't yet tried, so it took a lot of restraint.
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  8. How much were the I&G beers, out of interest?
  9. £2.99, a bit too much than i'd want to spend for a 330ml bottle which i'm not expecting that much from.
  10. I&G is huge in Canada and they also make a special Canada Beer using Rye barrels. I have to say that they provide the average beer drinker the opportunity to taste the way different types of barrels affect the flavour of a beer without shelling out big bucks.
  11. The Orval glass is a thing of beauty. Respect.
  12. I have two observations:

    Any man who spends £4 on a Orval glass ought to be celebrated.

    I&G beers are only fit for pancake batter. At best.

    Their 'seasonal' beers are akin to holding a tourist over a barrel and fucking them till they bleed.

    That's three observations. Sue me.
  13. Not even sure if "ought to be celebrated" is a good thing, but £3.99 is cheaper than most places so thanks.
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  15. Jeez. I was incredibly pissed. I'm now wondering what havoc I've wrought across other fora.

    What I meant to say, obviously, is that in my opinion four pounds is better spent on a beautifully designed glass than a beer prone to inconsistency and lack of depth.

    Apologies, etc...
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  16. I wouldn't worry about it ReluctantScoop, don't think anything was being taken out of hand.

    What I'm more worried about is EssexAleMan has turned Welsh!! I can't even begin to pronounce his name now!
  17. Coo roo am bith

    It's welsh for ale forever.
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  18. Thanks for clearing that one up!! :-D