International Gueuze and Kriek Festival?

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by beerdweeb, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. beerdweeb

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    Does anyone have any more information on this? The website hasn't been updated for a while. It only has the date and place on it, so I'm hoping it's still going on!

  2. I just got an email about it so the event is still happening. Starts Friday 27th of April at 7pm.
  3. beerdweeb

    beerdweeb Savant (310) California Nov 28, 2010

    Were there any additional details in the email that you could post here or forward me?
  4. Hello,
    I've been thinking about coming to this mini festival as part of a longer trip to Belgium. I haven't booked anything yet, but if I do come over it'll be on my own. I was wondering if it would be possible to meet up with other BAs at the festival to pass the evening? While I'm happy to travel on my own, I think attending a beer tasting alone would be a bit odd....
  5. Here's a little story...

    Got a pal named George whom I know from Bootleggers Brewery in California. Older, very good natured character. Think of the free-spirited main character in The Big Lebowski and you have George, except that George is far nicer.

    Few weekends ago, my group had loose plans to meet George at a Citra release weekend at the Kern River Brewing Company, located in the mountains about 3-4 hours drive from Los Angeles. Got delayed on Friday, let George, who drove up solo, know by msg. 'No problemo,' he replied, also by msg. Eventually we got our shit together and made it up there on Sunday.

    Who do we see, first in line? George. Although supposedly only there for one day, he wound up spending all weekend in this rustic getaway, camping in his trailer truck, drinking in the town watering holes, skinny dipping in the nearby hot springs and generally rubbing elbows with the Kernvillians. We got inside, get our Citra, order some food, George goes to the loo. Our waitress, slightly embarrassed, asks for George's name. Because he had been in there all weekend, yukking it up with the locals, she assumed he was a local, too, and figured she ought to know his name and was slightly put out with herself for not remembering it.

    Personally, I think you should go. Find a group speaking your language, sack it up, smack the stein on the table and introduce yourself. And don't be surprised if one of them is a George. Beer makes for happy people and good friends.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm planning to be in the country, so perhaps I should just show up and see what happens....

    (Though I'm not sure if it'll be as good as your houseboat tasting!)
  7. ummagumma

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    I will be there, with some beer lovers from bologna..
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    Another ignorant American question... What is the best way to get to Eizeringen from Brussels? We are thinking train to Denderleeuw or Ternat then pick up their free shuttle. Or maybe just take the bus? Sounds simple, but I've never dealt with trains / public transport in Europe. Thanks!
  9. Always room for one more beer lover...
  10. I would recommend taking a train to ternat and then taking the shuttle. Where are yo staying in Brussels? You can check the options here I will go from Schuman as i live right by there and there are several trains w.o changing. You can also do directly from midi around 1900. Let me know if you need anymore detailed info.
  11. beerdweeb

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    Staying at the Hilton near the Nord station. Checked the SNBC website you linked and it seems to work out easily going to Ternat. Will the shuttle be pretty obvious?
  12. Yes, it looks like gare du nord is the easiest, lucky for you! I'm not sure about the shuttle being obvious; at Alvinne 2011 it took a group of 4 of us a while to find it! I would imagine the Ternat station is pretty small, so it shouldn't be a problem. Should I be on the lookout for a guy with a 3L bottle of Supplication? :)
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  13. Is the train the better option? I was thinking of maybe taking the bus from Gare du Nord as it goes to Eizeringen directly, but perhaps it's slower? Cheers.....
  14. You can take a bus from Gare du Nord, but per the timetable it will take you about an hour. The train + shuttle should take about 30-40 minutes, granted of course you can time it correctly... always an adventure! My plan is to take the train and if I miss the shuttle, grab a 10 euro taxi (if I can find one!).
  15. Cool, thanks for the info. Sounds like the train might be the way to go.....
  16. Jeffo

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    Hey Jeff,

    I travelled throughout all of Western Europe and about half of Eastern Europe by myself for the better part of a year. Depending on your age, stay in some of the hipper youth hostels and just sit down and start chatting with people, as Frank said above. You will have no problem finding people to hang out with in the evenings. During the day, if I'm honest with myself, there is no better way to go than to be free to check out what you want without some kind of boss to deal with.

    If you've got the cash and the time, book the ticket and have at it!

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  17. Hey Jeff, thanks for the advice. I completely agree, and am a frequent solo traveler. I don't usually have any problem doing stuff alone, and like you say, being your own boss is the best. It was just in this case that I didn't want to attend a beer fest and be stood around drinking on my own - I always feel that booze and solitude shouldn't be mixed when in public :)

    Right, my stuff is packed and I think I have all the paperwork - time to catch my flight to Brussels!