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Investment Opportunities in Craft Beer

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Msquared2, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. gwlad02

    gwlad02 Aficionado (100) Tennessee Jul 10, 2009

    Investments can also be in the form of buying the product and having it appreciate in value, which is an investment institution in the world of fine wine. Not at all the case with beer.
  2. JohnB87

    JohnB87 Savant (370) Michigan Mar 14, 2011

    BA's way of "investing"

    1. Buy as many of a limited-beer as possible
    2. Talk as much as possible on the forums about it
    3. Send out an ISO: asking for ridiculous trades. (ISO: Vanilla DL; FT: FMB x 2)

    It may not be your "typical" investing, but maximize enough trades and you could soon be drinking amazing WHALES!!!
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  3. azorie

    azorie Champion (770) Florida Mar 18, 2006

    wow i read that or tried too, me need a corp tax lawyer to decode that thing. I can usually understand a prospectus.:(
  4. Addisonst

    Addisonst Initiate (15) Aug 22, 2012

    I represent a growing brew pub chain in the midwest.

    Been in business for over ten years. Has distribution and is growing
  5. Azzy

    Azzy Savant (300) Texas Jul 16, 2012

    The craft beer industry is booming very rapidly but it is extremely hard to be profitable as well. Right now we are seeing a large number of breweries open but with in the next few years we will see the market closing some of them. Those breweries that produce good products and market them well will definitely keep open, but those who are just going into it for the money because of the growing demand of craft beer will close down. A small sized brewery would cost a minimum $500,000 to have set up, including the pilot system, construction, fermenter's and brew house. This would be a 40 bbl brew house. It would take alot of knowledge in brewing and business to make a brewery succeed, and the firs few years (1-5) there would be little to no profit. The people who start small breweries usually have a side job that will keep them afloat while they venture into starting a brewery.
  6. Yesteryear

    Yesteryear Initiate (15) Feb 15, 2013

    Hi SanDeigo67. I am Aussie looking for a copy of the prospectus for Alpine Brewing that wanted to rasie 3 Million, you said you have a copy, can you email to fitzy@d2.net.au I am an Aussie Looking at raising capital. Thanks.
  7. Yesteryear

    Yesteryear Initiate (15) Feb 15, 2013

    Hey Addisonst, I would be interested to talk to you. I am wanting to set up a Brewpub/Bistro Chain in Australia. Can you email at fitzy@d2.net.au - Thanks
  8. bpd2001

    bpd2001 Aficionado (105) New York Jun 14, 2012

    Won't work. Kramer and Newman already did the math.

    Unless you have access to a fleet of postal trucks.........
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  9. BM me so I don't lose this thread. I will look for the prospectus.
  10. Yesteryear

    Yesteryear Initiate (15) Feb 15, 2013

    BM me ????
  11. Yesteryear

    Yesteryear Initiate (15) Feb 15, 2013

    Hi Addisonst. I am wanting to set a Brewhouse & Bitsro Chain in Australia. Who do you represent, what is the name of the chain? Any help you can give , would be appreciated - Thanks
  12. maxcoinage

    maxcoinage Advocate (565) Illinois Apr 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    A la Kramer

  13. Buy solid dividend paying stocks. At this stage of your life you can retire in 30 years if you do your homework and reinvest the dividends. Its not as glamorous or exciting as looking for the next google but in the long run it will pay off big time. Its ok to do a small bit of speculating but I would build a good solid diversified portfolio at your age first.

    Any work related 401k put in all you can up to the company match....FREE money

    I do have a few positions in the Marijuana stocks right now. Very risky but could pay off big. Very little money in it though.

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  14. if you have start up capital wouldn't the best form of invenstment within the beer world be to open a shop, brew pub, tasting room, etc? I know people briefly mentioned it in here. But that gives you the ability to bank off of other breweries good beers and hard work. Depending where you live in the country, and the surrounding competition, that would be the best bet as an "investment". But if you have a few grand you want to invest one way or another.... go a different direction like many others have said. You have 10k to invest? Take $500 and buy some good bottles.. invest the other $9,500 in stock if you want.
  15. I highly recommend Exelon, which is paying a 7% dividend and way undervalued right now.

    And put money in a Roth IRA as well.
  16. growlerphil

    growlerphil Disciple (70) Virginia Oct 26, 2011

    What about kickstarter.com? Seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a homebrew setup is planning on opening a brewery and using kickstarter to generate capital. Seems like that might be fertile ground if you are looking to invest in craft beer.
  17. crytion

    crytion Savant (255) Ohio Jun 24, 2010

    I read that there are 1200 new breweries that are planning to open this year alone. I would imagine many of them are interested in investors. The market is growing thats for sure. I live in the dayton which is not large and something like 7 new breweries have opened or are expected to open this year. The same goes for cincinatti which is about an hour away. I imagine that at least 1/3rd if not 1/2 of these will fail within 2 years. I personally know 2 brewers that could use some help right now. They just need to be brewing gold before I invest a penny. Any way I think that this is the perfect place to ask where to invest as im sure that many upstart microbrewery owner's have a beer advocate account.
  18. Not just responding to you, but fraud always looks attractive at first.

    There are arleady laws covering this, and there are some looking to make the penalties larger. The sponsor is from a town near the Indiana/Michigan state line.
  19. PSU_Mike

    PSU_Mike Champion (755) Pennsylvania Sep 6, 2013 Beer Trader

    I probably shouldn't mention this as someone could take my idea but if it works for someone, then good for them. An idea I've been kicking around for the past few months is investing in a smaller brewery by purchasing packaging equipment for them. You're asking for no share of the business so the owners maintain sole proprietorship and control over the business. But in return for your investment, you take royalties per can/bottle that rolls off the line for a period of time.

    You are helping them get product into the hands of the consumer on a more widespread scale without the upfront investment and only taking a very small portion of the revenue in return. It's certainly not cheap and it would take the right set of people to make it work but I certainly think it's a win-win and can be a revenue generator for both sides of the coin.
  20. hophugger

    hophugger Poobah (1,035) Virginia Mar 5, 2014 Beer Trader

    Haven't heard much of this, unless you want to fund a breweries expansion or plunk down big bucks ...........