IP Foxboro FT: BA Pêché Mortel, Solstice d'été (Berliner) Cantillon Lamvinus ISO: List

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  1. IP Trade in Foxboro for the Pats game this Sunday!

    DDC BA Pêché Mortel
    DDC BA Équinoxe du printemps (Wee Heavy)
    DDC Solstice d'été (Raspberry Berliner)
    DDC BA Dernière Volontée
    Cantillon St Lamvinus (only for a top want)
    Fresh Heady Topper (I'll pick up a few Saturday)

    - Alesmith BA Wee Heavy
    - Black Note
    - King Henry
    - Leon
    - Rare
    - Vanilla
    - Gilgamesh
    - 1414
    - Berserker
    - Behemoth 09-10 (Missing for Vertical)
    - BB Plead the Fifth
    - CFH
    - Grey Monday
    - Black Tuesday (any year, preference goes to 2010)
    - Cascade sours
    - Beatification
    - Supplication
    - Boulevard BBQ

    Any questions, please let me know

    Thanks for looking!​