Is boiling effective in sanitizing for brett?

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  1. Just curious, because i have vinyl tubing that I use.
    i was going to rack my sour to secondary and i wanted to use the vinyl tubing due to length.
    if you boil it in water for 20 min, should it not eliminate brett?
  2. GreenKrusty101

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    It might be, but I'd sleep better having 2 sets of everything when dealing with brett/sours.
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    I'd be concerned that the vinyl might deform at 212F. I don't know its melting point, but IIRC, clear vinyl tubing is typically rated at temps far less than 212F.
  4. sarcastro

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    Is the tubing made for high temperature?
  5. If it's the high temp tubing, totally fine. That's usually rated to 500 degrees. The normal stuff, hell no.
  6. Vinyl tubing is ridiculously cheap. You can get 20ft of it at Home Depot for far less than the cost of a ruined batch of beer.
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  7. As long as it's high temp, boiling will be fine and rid your equipment of brett. It's an aggressive yeast, but at the end of the day, it's still just yeast, and as such, dies all the same.
  8. not sure what kind of vinyl it is.
    it is not clear. it is yellow. believe it is boil safe. it does become cloudier when introduced to heat.
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    Definitely just easier to get two sets of hoses. I have two sets of hoses, siphons, and air locks. Cost me maybe $20 total but it also gives me piece of mind. I'd rather spend the extra on hoses rather then risk having to dump a batch.
  10. I have two sets of soft tubing: one for Brett beers and one for ‘regular’ beers. For a few bucks it brings peace of mind.

    I reuse all of my other equipment between Brett and ‘regular’ beers and just follow my normal conscientious sanitation of equipment.

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    Boiling PVC - Bad
    Boiling Silicone - OK
  12. I bought a separate bottling wand for my brett beer. that seemed harder to sanitize and there are nooks and crannies. so you use the same wand but different tubing?
  13. premierpro

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    Keep your equipment seperate for sours.
  14. Yes, I use the same bottling wand (my bottling wand is made of bronze) and racking cane for both Brett and ‘regular’ beers.

    So, let me tell you a long story. I was nervous about making my first Brett’ed beer (Mrch 2011) so I sent an e-mail to Michael Tonsmiere (he has a blog of TheMadFermentionist and his BA name is OldSock) asking questions concerning cross-contamination. I didn’t want to introduce Brett into my brewing environment if there was a chance of ‘contaminating’ my brewing environment with Brett. Michael calmed me down and at that time he stated that the only piece of equipment I shouldn’t re-use is the soft tubing. The rationale is that soft tubing can easily get scratches and consequently it could harbor Brett within the scratches which might not get eliminated by sanitation. Also, obtaining 5 feet of tubing is very cheap.

    I have also seen numerous posts by rocdoc1 who has been brewing beers with Brett for many years (10+?). He states that he reuses his equipment between Brett and ‘regulat’ beers all the time and he has never had cross-contamination.

    I have posted in past threads that I am of the opinion that Brett is not a ‘super’ microorganism and that in my opinion conscientious sanitation should take care of Brett just like it takes cares of all of the other unwanted microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, wild airborne yeast, etc.) that we do not want in our wort/beer.

    I understand you point about having a separate bottling wand since it has ‘nooks and crannies’. That is certainly a conservative thing to do.

    The ultra conservative thing to do is to have a complete set of homebrewing equipment (separate primary, separate bottling bucket, etc.) to make Brett beers. In a thread, OldSock stated that he now uses totally separate equipment for his Brett beers.

    I suppose I am the opposite of ultra conservative; a Brett left wing liberal!?!;)

  15. i use glass carboys. my concern has always been that soap and Star-San won't kill all of the brett, especially in spots where there are clumpier bits left by the krausen that you may *think* you've scrubbed and washed off but still remain there. so i try to use separate fermentors.

    i have a fermenting bucket that i used for my mango sour w/brett clauss. i cleaned it and bleached it. you can still smell traces of mango. so that leaves me nervous...
  16. Brett is a type of yeast. It is killed by anything that kills sacch. I use the same equipment for my all brett beers and my clean beers and have never had a problem.
  17. It will, but even good sanitation doesn't kill 100% of microbes (that is what sterilization is for). It only takes a few thousand Brett cells to cause problems down the road (where a few thousand brewer's yeast cells wouldn't make a noticeable difference in your next batch). For me it is worth keeping two sets of gear around. Especially because the second set is just my old clean gear, kept after I'd normally replace it.
  18. premierpro

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    I had two 5 gal buckets that was infected that I filled twice with boiling water and twice with iodine solution. I thought that would be enough to kill anything. It was not.