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Comment Is looking at ratings changes over time feasible?

Discussion in 'Site' started by LittleDon, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. LittleDon

    LittleDon Advocate (545) Texas Feb 16, 2009

    I suspect not (or if it is, it's probably low priority or hard to implement). It would be nice to see this, though, as I often hear a beer/place gets better/worse as the recipe/management changes. Looking at the change over time might lend some credence to what's heard anecdotally.
  2. uhh, wut?
  3. gcamparone

    gcamparone Advocate (685) Rhode Island Dec 6, 2011 Subscriber Beer Trader

    This is something I've thought about before and think it should be implemented, even if it's as simple as showing a +/- % rating change over the past year for each beer.
  4. LittleDon

    LittleDon Advocate (545) Texas Feb 16, 2009

    Like they do at Yelp, where average ratings are tracked over time.
  5. Ahhh, now I gotcha. I don't think that you can on this website but I would like to see that.
    Especially on seasonal releases and beers that have varying batches.
    Also on one time only beers and how the reviews change along with the beers age.

    I do know in one case. When I reviewed Zombie dust about a year ago it was at 4.48 (It probably had over 1000 revies at the time so it was king of set in stone.). Months later I noticed it was higher and then later, a little higher, The last time I looked it was at 4.52 and 2000 reviews. I just now looked and its at 4.62! Granted, ever since they combined the "had's" with the reviews, most beers have seen and increase in ratings.

    I also think that a beers reputation can influence the reviewer, Which is likely to the rise and fall of a beers rating.
    Regardless, it would be cool to see some sweet charts of how peoples perspective of a beer change over time.