Is this a good chest freezer to make a Keezer?

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  1. harrymel

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    1/2 barrel kegs or corny kegs?

    I don't know about full kegs, but should be fine with 1/6 barrel (corny kegs). I have one about that size and can cram four into that beast with a #5 co2 tank as well. No collar yet either.
  2. I want to be able to fit the whole spectrum. Not sure if I'd ever have two half barrels, but maybe one and a 5 gal or 1/6. I also want room for cornys. I want to become familiar with kegerator setups, so I don't have to mess with bottling when I start brewing.
  3. nfc2469

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    I have the same one. It holds 3 Cornys or 3 1/6 barrels or 1 slim 1/4 and a 1/6 or corney with a 10 pound tank inside.
  4. harrymel

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    based on nfc's info, you could probably fit one full size keg and one corny (1/6bbl) in there at the same time.
  5. This is a question for another thread, but is there a way to find out what breweries use the slim 1/4 barrels?
  6. nfc2469

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    No full sized kegs and 1/4 will not fit 1 inch to narrow. I was so bummed it was that close.i cannot figure out how to post a pic
  7. nfc2469

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    Almost every brewery is going to slim 1/4. I live in Michigan and Bells and Founders are slim 1/4
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  8. That's great news. I am now looking at a Kenmore 7 cu. ft. freezer because it's $50 less and comes with a temp controller, but it's exactly 16" x 30" so just too slim for a wide/short quarter barrel.
  9. A minor point, but important if you're relying on these measurements for an adjacent project - you'll be adding 5 1/2" to the height, not 6".

    FWIW, my 7.2 cu ft Sunbeam holds four cornies. It's a bit more square than the similarly sized models on the market today, so I wouldn't count on fitting four in a newer model, much less a 7 cu ft. You could do the math ("When am I ever gonna need this!?!?"), or you can make round cardboard cutouts the size of the kegs you plan to use and see how they fit.
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  10. mborden

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    Since you didn't ask, here's the freezer I used for my keezer:

    I comfortably fit 3 cornys plus my 10lb CO2 tank with plenty of space, but I use pin locks so I can't quite fit a fourth. The cardboard cutout approach is a good one.

    Also, this is my second keezer and both had collars. On my previous one, I just used wood. On this go around, I made the exterior box with 1x8 red oak and then put two layers of 3/4" styrofoam board inside of that. I believe that the foam has a higher R value than the wood would have had, and it's MUCH lighter. My previous all wood collar was a heavy sumbitch. I then put some corrugated plastic on the inside to be able to wipe down any spills and filled all the joints and gaps with silicone. It was quite a bit more work, but I like the new collar much more than the last, and it seems to be keeping my keezer more uniformly cold and reducing the energy bill a bit too. Just my two cents.

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  11. Thanks guys. I saw the cardboard method while searching pics yesterday. Looks like it will definitely fit about 3-4 cornys or 1/4 barrels. I love the Styrofoam. I know that once it's up and running I'm going to keep messing with the design and better insulation methods. Kinda sucks that it won't fit a half barrel, but it's just a starter to practice with. Later I plan on getting an 8.something and use the 7 for fermentation.

    I will definitely post pics of the build.
  12. billandsuz

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    before you settle on measurements, be sure you are able to dead lift 160 pounds (or more) up to your chest, over the top of the keezers collar and then place, not drop, the keg into its spot. most people can't. remember that you will need to lift the keg high enough over the keezer collar so that the bottom of the keg clears. remember that you don't get the benefit of legs to lower that keg into place, its all on your back and upper body.

    a full 1/2 barrel is serious business. you'll break your foot if you aren't careful. a kegerator with a door is a better option if you think you think you must have the ability to tap a 1/2 barrel.
  13. Thanks. I totally forgot about that. I was thinking, "how the hell would I even lift one in there?" Then went looking for used cherry pickers. Sucks that some quarter barrels have to be as wide.
  14. billandsuz

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    i know a guy who has an engine hoist in his basement. seems like alot of work if you ask me.
  15. Yeah I was halfway joking about that. I'd give it a try if I had one sitting around though.
  16. mborden

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    Only if you permanently attach the collar to the freezer body. I kept the hinges in place and attached them directly to my collar, and then attached the old freezer lid to the top of my collar. I got a nice handle and mounted it to the collar, and the whole thing hinges up. The added bonus is that my gas distributor and air/beer lines are attached to the inside of the lid/collar so when I open up the lid, all the hoses are out of the way. I never have to mess with them AND don't have to lift the kegs as high. Again though, I made the lighter collar with Styrofoam so the weight on the hinges isn't as much of an issue.
  17. My 7cu will not fit a 1/2 barrel (too wide by ~3"). mine is GE but I suspect most 7cu's can't.

    Only have 2 taps so I haven't tried fitting more in but I can easily fit (2) 1/4 barrels and a 5lb tank.
    Could fit (4) 1/6th barrels without an issue.

    edit to add: i bought some 90deg elbows for the couplers as I wanted to pour beer before my all wood lid was done but couldn't shut the lid without them.
  18. So when you order 1/4 barrels how do you know that they're the slim kind and not the ones that are the same width as 1/2 barrels?
  19. Have to ask...that said, most craft brewers I've run across use the slim quarters.
  20. Thanks for all the answers guys. I ended up getting a Kenmore 7.0 from 1994 and an old Penn controller for very cheap. The guy that I bought it from has been using it the whole time for fermenting. It actually looks and works great.
  21. kscaldef

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    Yeah, definitely don't forget to double check the height, and remember that the quick-connects on the kegs add some height. I was sure I could fit 4 cornys in my 7.0 cu.ft. freezer w/ collar and sadly discovered that the lid won't quite close all the way once everything is hooked up. (But, I picked up a 3-gallon keg that will work on the shelf, so I guess I'll just dedicate that tap handle to smaller batches of strong brews, or jumper partial kegs into that one as needed.)