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ISO: Beatification B3, Blabaer FT: List

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by SourFiend760, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. SourFiend760

    SourFiend760 Disciple (55) Feb 26, 2012

    Trying to land two of my top wants. I am only looking for Russian River Beatification B3 750ml, and /or Cantillon Blabaer 750ml

    Bruery Bottleworks XII
    Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze
    Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus
    Lost Abbey Veritas 010
    Russian River Beatification B2

    Would like to be IP in San Diego, or IP in Santa Rosa/ Bay Area... will ship as a last resort
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