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ISO - CCK and CC FT - Blabaer, Shbrl, Bvdl, Port DL and Rare

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by mlefevre, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. title says it all... 5:2

    ISO - Cable Car Kriek and Cable Car '12

    FT -
    Blabaer 750 '12
    South Hampton Black Raspberry Lambic
    Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord '12
    Port Dark Lord '13
    Bc Rare

    comments welcome
  2. Thecherryman

    Thecherryman Initiate (0) Arizona Dec 8, 2010

    That's an insane offer.
  3. Good lord have mercy!!!
  4. These are the kind of threads that start to make me feel sad I drank CC and CCK at Toronado instead of asking if I could walk out with them.
  5. joel66

    joel66 Savant (445) New York Sep 1, 2012

    Very nice matt!!
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