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  1. mark99

    mark99 Aficionado (195) New York Mar 10, 2010


    100% Barrel aged Cuir
    Abyss 2010,2011
    OH Lindley Park
    HOTD Michael
    White Chocolate
    Midnight sun TREAT
    Founders Bolt Cutter
    Founders Better Half
    BA old Rasputin XII Anniversary
    Lawson's Maple barrel aged Fayston maple imperial stout
    Bourbon county stout '12 multiples
    Bourbon County Coffee '12 multiples
    Bourbon County Cherry Rye multiples
    Stille Nacht Reserva 2010
    Westy 12
    Uncle Jacob's Stout
    Cantillon Classic Geuze 2011
    Cascade apricot
    Cascade the vine

    BB Batch 9000
    Black Note 4 pack
    Kuhnhenn BB4D
    Kuhnhenn BBBW

    Let me know what you have and what you are interested from my list.
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