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ISO: Smoked Beers FT: Cellar

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by EgadBananas, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Been craving smoked beers lately, and there are few really good ones available locally, so I'm going to look abroad.

    Not looking for things hinted with smoke, but real smoky, meaty and hearty smoked beers. Some things that I really enjoy are:
    Caldera Rauch ur bock, Beer geek bacon, Surly Smoke, and that German brewery that only does rauchbiers.

    If you've got access to some good smoked beers, hopefully there's something here that we can negotiate with: http://www.cellarhq.com/cellar/EgadBananas

    Hit me up!



    There may be some smoked beers on my wants
Thread Status:
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