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ISO: Stille Nacht Reserva or Murda'd Out Stout FT: Quantity (fresh DIPA, BB RIS, etc.)

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by jakethesnake9z9z, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I know both have fairly low bottle counts but not sure how limited and what they're going for...I realize I might not be able to get this done, so feel free to drop that as a message if desired. Either way, I have too much beer on hand thanks to a generous BIF box and Christmas gifts from a couple friends, and my fridge is too full from fresh DIPAs right now, so I thought I'd seek out one of these two beers at the top of my list.

    FT: Any reasonable combination of the below bottles. Additionally, I can add other locals or beers from my cellar to get $4$ to a fair level.

    (1) Surly Abrasive (fresh)
    (1) Surly Furious (fresh)
    (1) FFF Zombie Dust (fresh)
    (1) Heady Topper (fresh)
    (2) GI BCBS '12
    (2) Founders Backwoods Bastard '12
    (1) Tyranena BGW Who's Your Daddy?
    (1) Tyranena BGW Dirty Old Man
    (1) Tyranena Devil Made Me Do It
    (1) Central Waters BB Stout '12
    (1) Central Waters Y2k Barleywine '12

    Let me know if there's any interest...thanks!
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  3. Ahhh ok...appears I'm probably way off base at least on the SNR '10. Thanks man!
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