ISO: Zombie Dust FT: Abacus, Nugget Nectar, DFH 120 and others

Discussion in 'ISO:FT' started by BaltimoreBeerGuy, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Looking to get somewhere between 1-2 six packs of Zombie Dust and can offer some combination of the following beers:

    Abacus 2011, 2012
    Nugget Nectar
    DFH 120, WWS
    Pannepot 2007
    Weyerbacher Rapture, Insanity

    Stouts and Barleywines with 1-several years on them: Stone RIS, DFH Olde School, Samichlaus, Brooklyn Monster, Bigfoot, Old Horizontal, Sierral Nevada 30th Anniv Stout

    Or anything else East Coast....

  2. Shoot, too late to edit:

    Wanted to add:

    Founders Nemesis 09, Nemesis 10, Imperial Stout
    Flying Dog Barrel Aged Gonzo
  3. BeerMeFitz

    BeerMeFitz Savant (355) Illinois Oct 24, 2011

    I just got a case of fresh ZD last week, so i can get u 12 ZD, what bourbon barrel beers can i get ?
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