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  1. Jack's Abby is a crazy good brewery. I initially tried them at last year's EBF, and Framinghammer Baltic Porter was one one of the best brews among some serious competition. Since then, they have been bottling and distributing like crazy locally, and every single thing they release is unreal. Get on board, folks. Start trading this stuff to the west coast so they can enjoy as well.
  2. Talk to Firestone Walker, Green Flash & Bear Republic & tell them to get us fresh IPA's here routinely. Then we will send you all the JA (& White Birch while we're at it) you want.
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    Just tried kiwi rising last night great beer. Wow can not believe a larger was that tasty
    Reminded me of resin by 6 points. Less ibu at 102 still high but has more taste then resin and u
    get 16oz
  4. I've really been digging on Jack's Abby. The only thing I wish they'd do differently would be to focus on 7 or 8 beers a year instead of 25+. I don't feel that the quality has necessarily suffered, I just think that they'd be better served beefing up the amount of beers like Hoponius Union, Kiwi Rising, etc. Absolutely they deserve respect for putting out that many beers of high quality in their first year but I'd rather have access to a higher volume, personally.
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  5. Will help you pack the WB, Bro! ;-)
  6. They may use lager yeasts, but beers such as Hoponious and Kiwi Rising are not what I think of when I think "lagers." This isn't necessarily a negative comment, as I enjoyed both beers, but even Prima Pils which is quite hoppy for a lager tastes more like a pilsner than it does an IPA. Maybe my palate isn't up to snuff due to some congestion this past weekend, but Kiwi and Hoponious both tasted like a standard IPA.
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  7. Can't say enough great things about Jacks Abby. Had Kiwi on tap the other day and it was amazing. Got a few bottles now too. Fire in the Ham was so complex and delicious, i'm going to drink one with my Christmas ham. Biere de Garde was an amazing creation as well. Wish i got more of it when it was available. Smoke and Dagger was also great!

    So many good things from this brewery and i still haven't visited! only like 25 minutes away. I'm a loser.
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  8. I disagree somewhat. There's a certain something in the backbone of both beers that I find distinct from any other IPAs. Last week my girlfriend and I split a growler of HF Abner and Kiwi Rising. Definitely fundamentally different beers. Kiwi stands right up to Abner except in the aroma category in my opinion.
  9. This might be an ingredient problem. I agree with you totally but it can not be easy sourcing New Zealand hops on any sort of level. They might be just playing around with whatever they can get their hands on now and once they can balance demand for specific beers with what they can actually brew they will dial in recipes. Either way, they are doing great things.

    Hoponius 4 lyfe!
  10. see, i totally disagree with this. i would, of course, love Kiwi Rising year round, but as someone mentioned above, i'm sure that's a hop problem - i was there on Saturday and talked to the guys for a while, and as for everyone, the hop contracts are pretty crazy for them - they mentioned that to ensure hops from one particular supplier, they signed a $100,000+ contract for 2013 in 2011, before the brewery had even opened its doors... sounds like, as is true of everyone, they have only underestimated hop needs.

    otherwise, i absolutely LOVE the fact that i've had probably 20 different beers from these guys in the 12 months or so i've been drinking them. pair that with the fact that almost every one i've had has been GREAT, and you can't go wrong. I can find Hoponius whenever and wherever I want, and that's about all the volume I need.
  11. The beers I've had haven't been consistent enough for me to call them great. Hoponius has been up and down - sometimes a hop bomb, sometimes just mediocre ipa, the session lager is never the same beer whenever I try it, and I thought RIPL was a uniquely fantastic beer (and actually tasted like a lager) the first time I tried it, and an unbalanced attempt at ale flavors the next.

    I think they have potential to make beers I would like to drink on a regular basis, so I keep trying them. More than I can say about any other recent local startup that I've tried.
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    Picked up some Jack's Abby this weekend in MA and tried Kiwi Rising, Fire in the Ham and RIPL Effect this afternoon for the first time. All three are solid, delicious, affordable beers - haven't had a bad JA beer yet but these three totally rock.
  13. Just tried the Kiwi. Don't know what to think, yet. This isnt a beer like Union or Brau. Something special is happening in my glass. I can't put a finger on it, though.
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  14. Let's be serious for a minute.... Jack's Abby is the best beer thing to happen in Framingham/Metrowest. All though I like some better than others there offerings overall are good. Keep experimenting... Please! I saw they had a sour lager on deck in a few months. Berliner?

    I predict big things for these guys.
  15. I believe!
  16. Anyone know the cost of growler fills? I'm thinking of grabbing some freshy fresh Kiwi and whatever else suits my fancy on my way to eastern MA this weekend.
  17. i think it'd come to 18 or 19 including the growler
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    I'm really quite staggered by how Kiwi Rising's fairly hefty abv doesn't translate to the palate.

    I can imagine discovering it at a bar and not realizing its alcohol level until I was already dancing for thrown nickels.
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  19. Only use their own glass, or can I bring a non-JA growler for filling?
  20. emannths

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    JA growler only.
  21. 3 dollars for the growler deposit.

    S & D and most of the regular stuff is 9$
    Hoponious is 10$
    Kiwi is 15$
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  22. emannths

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    Deposit (like CBC) or purchase (like most others)?
  23. I am not sure what you mean...

    If you bring a growler and get it filled with smoke and dagger it is 9$. If you get the glass and the fill it is 12$. So 3$ for the glass.
  24. emannths

    emannths Savant (435) Massachusetts Sep 21, 2007

    If I give them my empty growler and don't ask for a refill, do I get my $3 back?
  25. Good question. I am not sure. I always get them refilled:)
  26. Now that I think of it they specifically list it as a "deposit" on there white board at the brewery. So I think you could probably get your money back if you so desired. Not sure why you would want to do that though when the beer is so delicious and cheap.
  27. Yes.
  28. Yes, you do. I really prefer bottles and don't own any JA growlers right now. I'm very pleased that I was able to get Kiwi Rising and (earlier) Brett Biere de Garde in bottles.
  29. emannths

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    Excellent. I just like the flexibility of not having to store a bunch of growlers, especially if I want to pick up more than one for friends/parties/vacations/etc. Framingham isn't too convenient for me, but it is en route quite often.