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Just Announced: BC Liquor Laws Get Overhauled

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Rutager, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. how about some highlights?
  2. These are the big points, as far as beer and brewpubs are concerned:
    • Brewers and distillers now can apply to have an on-site consumption area such as a lounge, tasting room or event area.
    • Small- and medium-sized liquor manufacturers will be allowed up to three common ownership and business relationships with licensed establishments located off their manufacturing site.
    So for example a brewery operating in a rough part of Surrey or inconvenient East Van, could open a satellite brewpub in Port Moody. Also, if a brewery started up in Port Moody they could open a lounge or tasting room for the enjoyment of those that live there. With these new laws, the possibilities for some decent beer establishments in the city of Port Moody (and I guess the rest of BC) are endless!!
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  3. Well there is some progress. Good thing BC is near Alberta, right?
  4. And even better that we're far from Ontario! ;)
  5. People tell me the walk would do me good!
  6. Come out anytime for another tour. I'll even drive so you can rest your legs after the walk! :cool: