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Just had my first sour beer

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Johnnyramirez, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I opened a Liefmans Cuvée Brut for New Years instead of popping champagne and this is tart, kinda funky, vinegary, and quite honestly should be repulsive. But I'll be damned if I can't stop drinking it. What have I been missing this whole time? I need to greatly expand and try more sours now. I have a feeling my wallet will take a big hit. Any other beginner sour recommendations?
  2. Lindeman's Cuvee Rene. Inexpensive, easy to find, easy to drink, and delicious.
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  3. Will look out for it. I got easy access to most RR sours but have neglected them for some reason. Needless to say I will not neglect those any longer! Gonna find Lindemans Cuvée Rene too
  4. nate8767

    nate8767 Aficionado (230) Alabama Nov 1, 2011 Beer Trader

    God please don't drink Cuvée Rene if you have access to RR sours.
  5. You have started down a long, dark, expensive path... but damn if it isnt awesomely delicious. Enjoy it.
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  6. Ataraxia

    Ataraxia Savant (315) Massachusetts Sep 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    While not classified as a sour, Jolly Pumpkin's Madrugada Obscura convinced me that I likely won't find them appealing; the brett alone produced an overwhelmingly sour taste. After 4 forced sips, drain pour.
  7. Your bank account hates you from this day forward!
  8. Please disregard this post.
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  9. Arodnum1

    Arodnum1 Disciple (60) May 14, 2012

    Drinking a Cuvee Rene as we speak, an awesome and easily accessible gueuze, another favorite of mine is Gueuze Fond Tradition, easy to find and you can buy singles for a fairly reasonable price, enjoy your sour experience
  10. Lol. I regular drink Pliny, but always ignored Supplication, Consecration and I think Sanctification, it was 3 sours, because the price seemed high for a 12 oz bottle and I was afraid I'd hate it. But now I'm gonna seek these out since I understand the hype behind sours
  11. ditka311

    ditka311 Aficionado (235) Illinois Aug 22, 2009

    Can't get into these, though my experience is limited. Maybe if I use it as salad dressing .

    Then again a few years again I loved malty beers and didn't like hops and now I am petitioning Trident to make Citra hopped gum....
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  12. I also knew nothing of sours until a little over a year ago. I think Rodenbach may have been my first sour other than framboise, because anyone will like a framboise, and it was good. Since then I have sours from all over the spectrum. There are a few sour beers that I would have had no idea were sours until the moment I tasted them, and best example of that was De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva. Some sours are very sweet and others are very dry, complexity will also vary; there is a serious spectrum here.
  13. LiquidCourage

    LiquidCourage Savant (435) Rhode Island Nov 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    This is the only style of beer I find repulsive. I'm thankful, based on the prices I've seen on Cantillion and others.

    To each his own. Enjoy!
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  14. MarioM

    MarioM Advocate (610) California Sep 13, 2009

    True, you bank account won't like you much from now on but its always great to experience a new style of beer, especially when its a sour. It takes a unique palate to enjoy a sour, its not for everyone but damn, they can be addictive. When I get an urge for a sour or flemish I have to get my ass of the keyboard and get my self something to satisfy the urge.
  15. gtermi

    gtermi Champion (790) Texas Apr 21, 2010

    I just started getting into sours about 6 months ago and they have become one of my favorite styles... my wallet hates it though.
  16. harrymel

    harrymel Advocate (650) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    RR=$1/oz. Cuvee Rene= $0.50/oz - seems pretty easy to me.
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  17. budweiser beats both doesn't mean you should drink it
  18. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poobah (1,045) New Jersey Jun 3, 2004 Beer Trader

    Prof Fritz 1809
    Rodenbach Grand Cru

    both not cheap, but not costly either, and deliver the goods.
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  19. litheum94

    litheum94 Advocate (675) California Dec 29, 2008

    To me, the extra 50 cents is worth it. Cuvée Rene is good, but RR sours are leaps and bounds above it.
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  20. BS-

    BS- Aficionado (135) Singapore Sep 1, 2012

    Petrus Aged Pale is one of the best I've tasted.
    Rodenbach Grand Cru has a bit more of a medicinal quality if I remember right, but still a must try. Both are very good beers. The Cuvée Rene did not work all that much for me.
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  21. stealth

    stealth Champion (765) Minnesota Dec 16, 2011 Beer Trader

    Fuck yeah. Welcome to the club.
  22. UnderJoath

    UnderJoath Savant (280) Illinois Jul 29, 2010 Beer Trader

    How about he just drinks both? Simple solution to a non-existant problem.
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  23. AxesandAnchors

    AxesandAnchors Savant (300) Oregon Nov 21, 2012

    Russian River is good, Cascade is even better. Welcome to the fold.
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  24. jmgrub

    jmgrub Savant (475) California Nov 20, 2010

    Quality comparison bro.
  25. every beer RR makes is significantly better than cuvee rene so it's a fine comparison : )
  26. kraddel

    kraddel Aficionado (160) Belgium Jul 20, 2012

    i'm a 'beginner' in geuzes myself. but so far, i most like the armand 4 winter, golden blend , or the regular geuze from 3 fonteinen the best as far as geuzes go.
    as for fruit-sours, fou foune, rodenbach caractere rouge , 3 fonteinen malvasia ( might be tough )
    or faro - straffe winter
  27. And you call yourself a "beginner"?
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  28. You've seen Cantillon on shelves in a store?
  29. Lutter

    Lutter Advocate (660) Texas Jun 30, 2010

    Rodenbach. End of story.

    Grand Cru is easily available (well, everywhere but here in Central Texas... I have to get it in Dallas) and inexpensive. I also love their Vintage series (which are 100% aged flemish sour as opposed to 66% in Grand Cru and 33% in Rodenbach Classic Red)

    I love De Proef's ZoetZuur, which is a Flemish Red w/ cherries (Zoet Zurr translates to Sweet Sour) that they designed in collaboration w/ Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter, not the singer). Pretty cheap at $10 or so.

    Russian River's sours are pretty damn stellar though. Expensive per oz, however.

    If you trade, I highly suggest Jester King's sours as well. Only available in Texas, however. They have...
    Boxer's Revenge - Sour Wild Ale aged in Wine & Whiskey barrels
    Das Wunderkind - Sour Saison
    Das Uberkind - Vieille (Aged) Sour Saison (their sourest beer, IMHO)
    Funk Metal - Sour Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
    Oi! Oi! - Flemish Brown Sour
    RU-55 - Flemish Red Sour
    ... those are all seasonal though... and the last two haven't even been bottled yet (tap only, but will be bottled in the near future). Your results may vary. :)

    Just be ready for half your family members to say "OMG, THIS BEER IS HORRIBLE *pah pah pah*". I get that a lot.
  30. After a couple years of semi-serious craft beer pursuits I had my first sour: a Russian River Supplication. I knew it would be "weird" but was totally unprepared for it. I still dont know what to think and wonder if it was smart to start with the highest rated sour (according to BA), not that I planned it that way. Sours are so unlike any other beer I have ever had. Even compared to a De Prof wild ale, Supplication was a totally different monster. I still have a Consecration in the cellar but dont know if that should be my next sour, I really want to appreciate it for what it is and I might need some more sour experience in order to do so.

    The recommendations in this thread are helpful for anyone venturing down the sour path!
  31. huysmans

    huysmans Savant (415) New Jersey Dec 5, 2007

  32. merc7186

    merc7186 Savant (370) New York Dec 5, 2010

    No love for Duchesse de Bourgnone (sp)??? A great and fairly inexpensive Flanders Red but also recommend Monks Cafe too. But as many have said, you are on your way to an expensive demise.

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  33. Lutter

    Lutter Advocate (660) Texas Jun 30, 2010

    I've always thought Duchesse de Bourgnone was a good entry-level sour.
  34. Immortale25

    Immortale25 Champion (875) North Carolina May 13, 2011 Beer Trader

    ^^ The last two posts nailed it
  35. Graviz

    Graviz Savant (395) Colorado Feb 26, 2012 Beer Trader

    Petrus Aged Pale is one of the best inexpensive sours I've had. Highly recommend it.
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  36. I found Monks Cafe to be pretty meh, not near sour enough, and boarderline drainpour. Subjective I realize.

    OP - Go Supplication or Concecration or Duchesse or Rodenbach Grand Cru.
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  37. I actually made a trade and I'm getting a box tomorrow from Texas. Dad Uberkind is in there. I had never tried a sour, but I always tend to dive right in so I traded for it before tasting any sours at all.
  38. Envelopes

    Envelopes Savant (420) Ohio Aug 26, 2012

    The girlfriend and I both fell for sours pretty quick earlier this year but we also both brewed and drank a ton of Kombucha over the last few years so it wasn't much of a jump!

    Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge is totally fantastic and I think I've seen 4-packs for $15 which isn't too bad.
    I also enjoyed Timmerman's Oude Gueuze which was pretty cheap and a table full of people new to sours all enjoyed it. I definitely can't recommend their Framboise though - unless you like raspberry Brisk Iced Tea.
    I'd also say that I had tried a Lindeman's lambic or two a few years ago and assumed I hated fruited sours but I had a Boon Mariage Parfait Kriek recently and it was great (as is the Mariage Parfait Geuze).
    Jolly Pumpkin stuff is also pretty good for easing into sours.

    I've gotta get my hands on those Russian River & Jester King sours!
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  39. coreyfmcdonald

    coreyfmcdonald Advocate (625) Georgia Nov 13, 2008 Beer Trader

    Lambic>>American Wild Ales
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  40. SStein

    SStein Advocate (520) Colorado Dec 26, 2012 Beer Trader

    Cantillon has many fantastic beers. I have yet to be disappointed by them. As everyone else has said, just be prepared for the hit to the wallet.