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Kane Brewing's 3rd annual Celebration of the Stout, 03/15/14

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by iL0VEbeer, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. This Saturday at Kane from 12-5, the best event of the year! 17 variations of Port Omna as well as Head High, Overhead, and regular Port Omna!!!

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  2. Will this be a packed madhouse? Would love to take a first time ride up to the Kane for this.
  3. Absolutely. We'll be getting there a little bit before opening.
  4. BumpyAZ

    BumpyAZ Aficionado (175) New Jersey Jan 14, 2014

    Crap, ill be out of town. I always miss the good Kane events.
  5. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    Oh wow, and I was planning on finally making my first visit to Kane on Saturday! Can someone give me an idea as to just HOW much of a madhouse? I don't mind really, but I just wanted to see what bottles they had, and maybe sample 1-2 beers (it's an hour+ drive for me).
  6. It'll probably be packed by 2-3pm. There won't be any bottles available, but they will be doing growler fills of some of the Port Omna variants.
  7. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    thanks for the info...will they have any OTHER bottles available for purchase? that was the intent of my trip in the first place (I literally had no idea this event was happening)
  8. Nope, no bottles unless they still have some Apiary Brett. I'm pretty sure that's gone now though.
  9. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    ok cool, thanks man
  10. I was there for the first time this Saturday no bottles available but I agree with going as close to opening as possible. Was planning on being there around 12:30 but plans never work so I got there closer to 130 grabbed a flight and a standing spot. Probably 2:30 the place started to really fill up so we decided to grab a growler and head out. Hopefully I can make it down. I had a Port Omna sample and regretted not getting a 32 oz to go as soon as I left. These variations sound great.
  11. Mineo

    Mineo Savant (395) New Jersey Jul 7, 2010

    I won't be able to get there until 3:30 or so. by the sounds of it, most of it will be gone by then, right? not sure if it's worth the trip unless one is able to get there just before opening. this event seems like it's going to be HUGE.
  12. I'm pretty sure they're making enough this year so that all or most of the variants will last throughout the entire event. The only problem with getting there that late will be the gigantic crowd, and long lines for beer and the bathroom.
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  13. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Last year a majority of the beers lasted the whole event. If i recall correctly the vanilla was the first to go early but the rest made it for almost the entire event. I was there the entire time last year, i think even past the event hours, without any issues waiting in line for beer. Like iLOVEbeer said, the bathroom is the real issue. Also, Kane has been busier than last year but the place is large enough to not really have to worry. The only issue with wanting to get there early is to make sure you get a seat or table.
  14. Seriously... Friday nights and Saturday afternoons at Kane have been insane lately... more crowded than the ├╝ber popular craft breweries like AleSmith, Port/Lost Abbey, and The Bruery that I went to when I was in Cali last year.
  15. Dude... it's a zero. I'm not sharing any beer with you if you can't spell my BA name right. ;)
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  16. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    anyone know how many growlers one is allowed to purchase? I wasn't able to find any info on the Kane site
  17. Mineo

    Mineo Savant (395) New Jersey Jul 7, 2010

    if I'm just stopping by to pick up two growlers of a variant and not use the bathroom, how long do you think the wait will be? 15-30 min? that would be fine.
  18. Yeah, probably 15 minutes when it's crowded. It's not Hill Farmstead :eek:.
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  19. I've never heard of them ever having a limit on growler fills... Although it might not be nice to fill 20 growlers if there's a huge line.
  20. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    haha, I'm coming to buy 2-3 growlers at most
  21. So if u get there right at noon , you should be good to get a table? Or is there a line already prior to opening. Are there any diners close by? Sorry for the questions, first visit plus driving 80 miles I want a full stomach b4 drinking :)
  22. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    There are a few places near by for a quick bite to eat. i usually go to Wegmans and get something and bring it over. I doubt there will be much of a line or a need for one. There aren't any bottles being released and they have plenty of great variations to try without one being sought after more so then any other. Im confident they made more this year and we will all have a chance to sample each beer.

    btw, when i say tables i don't want to give you the impression this is like a brewpub set up. they have picnic tables and a few barrels used as high tops. thats about it. its simple but it gets the job done.
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  23. Hahaha. Yes you do!
  24. Flights available to mix and match variants? Really appreciate the info, big thanks!!!
  25. Absolutely. No prob dude!
  26. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    so why don't we turn this into a BA meet-up?
  27. We can definitely meet up, but Mike doesn't want any bottle sharing this Saturday because it's gonna be too crazy... That's why the after party is at my house 5 minutes away :).
  28. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,000) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    that's too funny, I was originally going to write something about how we should bottle share but then figured it might not be appropriate lol
  29. ajfa531

    ajfa531 Savant (325) New Jersey Jun 2, 2007

    I'm in Camden County. If you can pick me up and have me back to Collingswood by 3pm, that'll be all the Thanks I need.

    - Joe
  30. I would say go anyways! It will be busy but even when it gets packed you can still stand and drink your beer! I went to their 2nd anniversary event and from that experience they do a great job running these events. I will be stopping by in the afternoon!
  31. rgilbert

    rgilbert Savant (295) New Jersey Jul 4, 2010

    I plan to show up sometime in the late afternoon. Their parking lot is pretty small though. @iL0VEbeer, is there on street parking or another lot to park in? Cheers.
  32. I've never seen the place so busy that the lot was full. It's sizeable, and I'm pretty sure you could park on the street if need be.
  33. schteve

    schteve Savant (285) New Jersey Sep 10, 2003

    I was there 2 Fridays ago and the lot was full and there was 15-20 cars in the street. It was crazy.
  34. You can park on the street if the lot is full. It won't be an issue.
  35. Moopband

    Moopband Savant (265) New York Jul 20, 2010

    Are there any variations on the list that are can't miss? Vanilla Bean & Bourbon Barrel are obvious ones to me, but any of the more interesting ones such as kreamsicle, chocolate milk, banana, mole, etc.
  36. The Mole one sounds similar to Hunapu. I'd give that a shot if I was going.

    Wowza, I haven't been recently admittedly. They need to expand quick.
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  37. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    I think they are all worth trying. Especially if you keep a small glass of the base beer with you. I did this last year and it was great to go back and forth on the sampler to really pick out the flavors. Creamsicle is surprisingly awesome, as are the two base variants that make it. New this year are the Cacao & Cherry which I'm excited for as well as the raspberry and coconut. The rest were all there last year and were great.
  38. They had Coconut last year... The new ones for this year's event are Cacao & Cherry, Bourbon Barrel Aged on nitro, and the Cacao & Raspberry cask. Mole & Coffee, Mole, and the Bourbon Barrel Aged w/ Coffee & Honey were my favorites last time!
  39. Keyes88

    Keyes88 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 19, 2011

    Did they? I don't remember that one but I did drink them all...
  40. Mineo

    Mineo Savant (395) New Jersey Jul 7, 2010

    Can't make it til next weekend unfortunately. Wonder what their tap list will look like then; maybe they'll have a leftover variant or two.

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