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Kansas City, Mo

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by MCDub, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. MCDub

    MCDub Savant (390) North Carolina Dec 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    I am potentially moving to Kansas City in the near future. One of the things that immediately concerned me was beer. I've done some light browsing on BA and am a little bit perturbed. Any information regarding KC and surrounding areas beer scene would be greatly appreciated, forward thinking statements included. Help me feel better about my potential move.
  2. emoeby

    emoeby Zealot (85) Minnesota Jan 24, 2007

    Well, I don't live in KC, but visit frequently. It's not a huge beer scene, but it's growing with new breweries like Cinder Block and The Big Rip up in North KC. And I've heard a few more might be opening up soon. Bier Station is a great beer bar with offsite sales. Beer Kitchen has a decent tap list and great food. But Boulevard owns the city and you'll find that just about anywhere.

    St Louis seems to have a much faster growing beer scene, and you can get some of those beers in KC, as well as some from Colorado, but not as much as I was hoping for.

    KC is still a great town, but no one moves there for the beer! It's all about the BBQ :)
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  3. Joah52

    Joah52 Aficionado (190) Missouri Apr 30, 2012 Beer Trader

    I haven't been to too many places in/around KC, but from what I hear Bier Station is great. I've stopped by Lukas Liquors and Gomer's South on my way in/out of town and they are good stores. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for, brewpubs, stores, bars etc. Flying Saucer in downtown has a nice tap list and events etc. as well, albeit a busy area for night life.
  4. SudsSavant

    SudsSavant Savant (335) Minnesota Jan 9, 2007 Beer Trader

    Agree with everything emoeby says here. BBQ & Boulevard own this town but stick with it, I believe KC is starting to turn a corner. 10 years ago, no one would or had any reason to go downtown but the Sprint Center & Power and Light District seems to have changed that perception. Since then, I've seen a renewed interest in developing up and promoting all things KC. Thrown in the sale of Boulevard to foreign owners, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a few brewers start to compete to be the new "hometown" brewery.
  5. yojimbo1

    yojimbo1 Aficionado (220) Kansas Feb 26, 2012

    Since this thread is open, what's the best beer store?
  6. emoeby

    emoeby Zealot (85) Minnesota Jan 24, 2007

    Probably Gomer's in Midtown, that's my favorite.
  7. PieOhMy

    PieOhMy Advocate (560) Minnesota Feb 23, 2013

    Flying Saucer and Bier Station are cool joints for sure. There's a few good spots lumped together in Midtown. Lots of Schlafly, Tallgrass, and Free State to had. And what gets this Minnesotan off - Firestone Walker and Bear Republic.
  8. metaltff

    metaltff Zealot (80) Kansas Jan 23, 2014

    The best liquor store here is probably Lukas at 135th and State Line, on the MO side, Gomers is pretty good too. Bier Station made a top 100 US beer bar for last year, i haven't been yet but i've only heard good things. Obviously Boulevard owns the town, but lots of great small breweries are popping up: like someone already mentioned Cinder Block and Big Rip. And two more will be opening this year, KC Bier Co(in Waldo area by Bier Station and 75th St. brewery), and Martin City Brewing.
    In the Wesport area there's Beer Kitchen, with rotating specialty bottles, and a few taps. Across the street is McCoys brewery and restaurant, and connected to them on the same building is The Foundry, a beer bar with a huge tap list.
    Downtown is Flying Saucer. Tons and tons of beer to choose from. They're always doing special tap nights.
    And if you travel a little west to Lawrence, KS, there's Free State, and 23rd St Brewery. There's also a couple good beer bars downtown.
  9. Ridder

    Ridder Savant (305) Minnesota Nov 30, 2013 Beer Trader

    My folks live down in KC (MO side) and each time I visit, I make a stop at Lukas Liquors. I pick up enough Black Bear stout and Nebraska's Black Betty to last me until I go back. They have two locations and the beers differ slightly at each. I would agree though with the poster above, the MO side is better. (bigger)

    Never been to Gomers, I will have to check it out next time I am down.
  10. marnet

    marnet Aficionado (180) Kansas Jan 26, 2011 Beer Trader


    This is the local forum for KC beer. Lots of opportunities for tastings and trading. While we're a little short on breweries, that's starting to change. Martin City Brewing Company is a great bar/restaurant in South KC that will be brewing their own beers soon. Great tap list and amazing food. Several craft focused restaurants have opened since I moved here in 2001. Plus the BBQ can't be beat...
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  11. russpowell

    russpowell Poobah (1,335) Oklahoma May 24, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Him being from NC, he might even find the BBQ lacking...
  12. russpowell

    russpowell Poobah (1,335) Oklahoma May 24, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Worked in KC for a few months. Thought the bar/store scene was good. Was a bit put off by the lack of good small/local brewers. It's not Asheville, but no wasteland to be sure...
  13. MCDub

    MCDub Savant (390) North Carolina Dec 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    Thank you all for your information. It sounds like it is much better than Knoxville (where I am now). I will miss having Asheville less than 2 hours away. Right now if say it's a 50\50 chce I'll end up there. Question regarding boulevard. I get it in Asheville fairly regularly (smokestack series) but haven't yet landeda saison Brett. Is it readily available when it comes out our do you have to do some hunting.
  14. metaltff

    metaltff Zealot (80) Kansas Jan 23, 2014

    When some of the more popular Smokestacks come out, there will be certain stores that sell out quickly. But there are alot of stores that will have them on shelves for a few weeks.
  15. Berg77

    Berg77 Savant (345) Iowa Nov 30, 2013 Beer Trader

    Related question - I am going to be staying in Overland Park area in a couple of weekends and would like to check out a good beer store in the area. What is the best nearby one that I can buy singles at? Thanks for any suggestions!
  16. metaltff

    metaltff Zealot (80) Kansas Jan 23, 2014

    Lukas Liquors on 119th in OP has a pretty good selection of stuff.
  17. KCBeerNerd

    KCBeerNerd Advocate (535) Missouri Dec 20, 2013 Beer Trader

    the local brew scene is by no means incredible. but it is growing. There are 5 new breweries starting in 2014. The best thing about kansas city beer is the distrobution in Missouri. We have access to some of the better midwest, west coast and east coast breweries. Perennial, 4 hands, Odell, Deschutes, Firestone Walker, Jester King, Evil Twin, Goose Island, Nebraska, Prairie Artisan, Crooked Stave, and Santa Fe to name a few. Kansas City Bier Co just opened today, and their German Style beers are above average. The bar scenes are good, and there are plenty of good bottle shops, and Missouri has some of the loosest liquor laws in the country!
  18. russpowell

    russpowell Poobah (1,335) Oklahoma May 24, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    How long has Crooked Stave been up there?
  19. KCBeerNerd

    KCBeerNerd Advocate (535) Missouri Dec 20, 2013 Beer Trader

    Not long, it came within the last year I believe. But don't quote me on that .
  20. Jewmagic151

    Jewmagic151 Aficionado (125) Kansas May 31, 2013

    Lukas has a great selection! also royal on state line and 103rd is opened till crazy hours and has a great selection just be careful of dates on bottles
  21. Jewmagic151

    Jewmagic151 Aficionado (125) Kansas May 31, 2013

    go to barleys brew haus its one of the better BA type draft lists
  22. Jewmagic151

    Jewmagic151 Aficionado (125) Kansas May 31, 2013

    go to seekabrew.com and you can select by state to see what we can get. We have two states to chose from being on the border of ks and mo. The good news is we always have enjoy by because stone seems to alternate states from ks to mo each release