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kinney creek brewery coming to the cities.

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by ben4bier, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. According to facebook diffley square liquor in Eagan will be carrying bottles, so you better get in line now before the first shipment runs out.
  2. shawnp

    shawnp Advocate (585) Minnesota Jan 15, 2010 Beer Trader

    Cue crickets in three....two......
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  3. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt Savant (375) Minnesota May 15, 2008

    lol what a joke
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  4. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (610) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011 Beer Trader

    Their beer is horrible.
  5. I'm guessing they can't sell it in Rochester so they need to unload it somewhere!
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  6. mnbearsfan

    mnbearsfan Advocate (545) Minnesota Dec 25, 2009 Beer Trader

    They make Abyss too?
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  7. RKPStogie

    RKPStogie Savant (280) Minnesota Nov 4, 2011 Beer Trader

    Pretty much...
  8. maximum12

    maximum12 Champion (920) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008 Beer Trader

    Assuming it isn't grotesquely overpriced like some new MN breweries, I'll try anything once!
  9. henderan

    henderan Aficionado (170) Minnesota Nov 21, 2007

    It is grotesquely overpriced. 8.99 for a bomber. They even try to convince you it is a good deal by labelling the display with an msrp of $10.39
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  10. mnbearsfan

    mnbearsfan Advocate (545) Minnesota Dec 25, 2009 Beer Trader

  11. henderan

    henderan Aficionado (170) Minnesota Nov 21, 2007

    Absolutely serious. I am assuming this was a tactic that Kinney Creek had, and not the tactic of the liquor store as none of their other beers advertise "msrp".
  12. I stopped in to pickup a bottle of sippin' sour ale and the 750 for $39 had me thinking "are you out of your f-in' mind". My morbid curiosity got the better of me I will report back when I try it.
  13. EJJ1848

    EJJ1848 Advocate (635) Minnesota Jun 24, 2013 Beer Trader

    Thanks for teeing this one up.....

    That's a lot of Saga
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  14. That's even almost two bottles of pentegram, had this come from an average brewer I might not have spent this much. I almost am more interested in how bad it will be
  15. GeezLynn

    GeezLynn Advocate (520) Minnesota May 10, 2009

    $39? I bet even the guy that brewed it is laughing at you.
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  16. Stimulus199

    Stimulus199 Savant (265) Minnesota Dec 11, 2013 Beer Trader

    Laughing maniacally, smoking a cigar, counting that $39 over and over again
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  17. MNPikey

    MNPikey Advocate (610) Minnesota Feb 27, 2011 Beer Trader

    Only reason its sour is because they fucked up and the batch was infected. On their opening weekend, all their beers were "sour" i.e. infected.
  18. mypenguin

    mypenguin Aficionado (215) Minnesota Jul 21, 2009 Beer Trader

    Went to the taproom once, never again
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  19. he
    That thought did cross my mind, asked him if it was a Flemish red or an american wild and didn.'t really get the impression he knew much about either category. First and only purchase I will probably ever make at this brewery. Even if it turns out to be the best sour I've ever I would never consider a beer worth $39. All-in-all I may be glad I spent the extra money for the 750 instead of a growler, it will be less of their beer I'll have to choke down.
  20. GeezLynn

    GeezLynn Advocate (520) Minnesota May 10, 2009

    Sounds about right. At $39, it's presumably so good that there are no adequate stylistic descriptors.
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  21. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt Savant (375) Minnesota May 15, 2008

    Ugh dude, you're going to be more let down than you can even imagine.
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  22. XmnwildX12

    XmnwildX12 Poobah (1,385) Minnesota Nov 12, 2010 Beer Trader

    Trade it for a DDG $4$
  23. morimech

    morimech Champion (820) Minnesota Nov 6, 2006

    Looking at reviews for Kinney Creek at BA and RB, nothing screams, stay away from their beers.
  24. jera1350

    jera1350 Champion (925) Minnesota Dec 15, 2007

    I'm confused. If it was the best sour ever, you wouldn't spend $39, but having no clue if it's any good at all, you spent $39?

    I have some oceanfront property in Iowa for sale if you are interested.
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  25. jera1350

    jera1350 Champion (925) Minnesota Dec 15, 2007

    Some of those reviews are mine from last year. I didn't come away with the impression that anything was bad. The american stout was thin, but tasted fine. The IPA and DIPA were both good, but hops can cover up imperfections too and they were both pretty heavily hopped. Their stuff reminded me of decent extract homebrew. That could very well be what they are making for all I know too.

    I certainly wouldn't spend $39/bottle, let alone $8 a bottle on any of their stuff though. A $7.99 sixer I would potentially give a shot at.
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  26. ToadiesForCody

    ToadiesForCody Savant (420) Minnesota Oct 30, 2013 Beer Trader

    I think saga is now like a form of measuring how much a beer costs. Haha every time some one brings up how much a beer costs it is immediately compared to saga.
  27. maybe summit will make a Berliner Weiss someday and it will be a great value, like saga does for ipa's
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  28. with the values of ag land in iowa over the past few years you might actually cost yourself by marketing it as oceanfront though if it's close to decorah I might be intetested. I was merely trying to explain that no matter how good it turns out to be I would never consider spending another 39 bucks for a second bottle, nor would I have gone there for one had I known the price before I made the trip to the brewery. But we stopped there while running some errands in Rochester, and after my initial reaction of are you out of your mind, I kind of thought what the hell it might make an interesting story at a bottle share. I make no pretense that this is even a reasonable intelligent expenditure
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  29. brewseum

    brewseum Savant (330) Minnesota Nov 11, 2004 Beer Trader

    Ben4bier,you are an early adopter and I love /admire you.
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  30. Seefeldt

    Seefeldt Savant (375) Minnesota May 15, 2008

    To make it extra interesting you should video document the drinking experience and share it with us
  31. early adopter gullible idiot, basically the same thing. Could this be the the most expensive beer commercially bottled in MN (excluding rare growlers)? That would be an amazingly unexpected answer to a trivia question if it is.
  32. You just want to see the look of shame in my eyes when I realize I spent $39 dollars on an infected kolsch. Usually I support local breweries and feel they help promote the craft beer movement, but I don't think these guys are helping the already subpar craft beer culture in Rochester.
  33. mjryan

    mjryan Advocate (550) Minnesota Dec 22, 2007

    What is the difference between a Flemish Red and an American Wild? Besides geography?
  34. I hope someone with a little more knowledge will weigh in on this. From my limited experience it seems Flemish reds are a more narrowly defined group that seems to be just sour, while wild ale seems to be a fairly broad group of beers that can be as much funky as sour. I guess I didn't really think Flemish red while I was drinking pentagram even though it was sour.
  35. Iowan

    Iowan Aficionado (160) Iowa May 26, 2013

    Pretty much how I'd describe it.

    A good friend of mine gigs around Rochester and played about 3-4 shows at their tap room, so I've given their beer about that many chances. The DIPA was acceptable, and the apple ale was actually pretty decent all things considered.

    Everything else was mediocre, and the brown was horribly infected. Like "why in the hell are you serving this to people?" infected. This was between November 2013 and April 2014. Haven't had any since, and probably won't go out of my to check back on it. It's kind of ridiculous how far behind the curve Rochester is on the whole craft beer thing, but then again, it's Rochester. That community is dominated by chain restaurants and general blandness, all while they sit back with their noses in the air believing themselves to be the pinnacle of culture and sophistication for the Upper Midwest. There are certainly some great places there, and slowly but surely, they're making headway, but they have a ways to go.
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  36. RKPStogie

    RKPStogie Savant (280) Minnesota Nov 4, 2011 Beer Trader

    Very well put (w/ the exeception of the pinnacle of culture part)
  37. Iowan

    Iowan Aficionado (160) Iowa May 26, 2013

    I'm probably hard on Rochester in this regard, but I went to HS there (while living in Iowa) and still have a lot of friends in the area, and living an hour away, spend a lot of time there. There's a general attitude in Minnesota that Iowa is completely worthless, and it permeates beyond the standard state rivalries. I don't know how often I've been told that Rochester has more to offer than anywhere in Iowa (in terms of entertainment/culture) and that is a laughable statement, at best. So I suppose I give an undeserved amount of crap to the community as a whole and assume that all Minnesotans feel that way, which isn't accurate at all. It is a nice place that has a ton of positive things going for it.

    The fact that more and more individuals in Rochester have recognized the gap on this front, has really helped to push things in the right direction. I'm hoping the Life's Too Short guys can put out some good beer and help spur the craft beer scene there. It's just not right that a metro area of 120,000 people in a region that has some of the best craft beer in the country between Surly, Toppling Goliath, and New Glarus has only Kinney Creek to show for itself. I've really enjoyed the Craft Beer Expo the past few years, and I think the success of the Taphouse and Whistle Binkie's shows that people are ready to get on board.