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Kiwi Rising

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by Archemedies, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. I heard a rumor, not sure if it is true or not that this just got released in bottles a few days ago. Can anyone confirm this? If so, any South Shore sightings? :)
  2. dfecteau

    dfecteau Savant (405) Massachusetts Jun 10, 2009

    It has been released in bottles. Picked up 2 at Julio's on the way home from work last night. Great, great stuff. Not sure if it is on the South Shore but good luck!
  3. smutty33

    smutty33 Advocate (650) Connecticut Jun 12, 2009

    How much were they?

  4. I got a growler and 4 bottles last thurs at the brewery. Btls cost $5 per. Absolutely loved both but the carbonation in the growler died after 3 hrs.
    This is my favorite Jack's Abby beer by far.
  5. Any sightings in Somerville/Cambridge?
  6. dfecteau

    dfecteau Savant (405) Massachusetts Jun 10, 2009

    $4.99 a bottle.
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  7. emannths

    emannths Savant (390) Massachusetts Sep 21, 2007

    Liquor World tweeted it out yesterday.
  8. I hope it lasts till Thanksgiving and Yankee Spirits in Attleboro gets some, will be at the in-laws in RI for the weekend. Otherwise I'll have to hope someone in MA will do a $4$ trade for some BCBS...
  9. Awesome, thank you. Is the availability of this similar to what Lunch used to be, as in the day of the tweet the stuff is gone? I'll try to swing by today to pick this up, I missed out the last time they made it.
  10. I doubt it will go very fast. None of JA's beers have been hard to find and their recent releases (Fresh Hop, Fire in the Ham, Pumpkin) are still around. I think their reputation is building but they seem to make enough and distribute it in a small enough area that this should be around for a couple of weeks.

    I was a big fan of it last year and had it on draft at Gordon's tasting recently. It's definitely one to seek out.
  11. Redstone has it in (per twitter)
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  12. Ball Square also has it in, no limit. They also have Celebration and Stone Mint Imperial Stout.
  13. It should be in the system and on shelves at Marshfield Blanchard's by Saturday.
  14. Going to Jack's Abby Saturday, bought a bottle today because I just couldn't handle the wait. Chilling now. This is my life.
  15. Rapid Liquors in Stoneham has a bunch - $4.20 per.

    Just cracked a bottle....bit of a disappointment IMO. Would rather have super fresh Hoponius or Sierra Nevada Celebration.
  16. Drinking my first celebration of the season now as my kiwi chills...say it aint so though. I've been looking forward to this for awhile.
  17. Sorry to say - stick with Celebration tonight. Or like me, I'm finishing some fresh Ithaca Flower Power off tonight too. Both r better than Kiwi I'm afraid.
  18. I plan on putting a decent dent in my celebration 12 pack but I will also give kiwi a go.
  19. That sucks, I'd heard great things about this beer from a few people. I bought two bottles, figured it'd be Hoponious on crack. Well, I'll give one bottle a shot tomorrow night, but I'm also picking up some Celebration for the rest of the night.

    This could also be batch to batch variation, they haven't bottle Kiwi in awhile. They've made a crap load of Hoponious so they probably have that dialed in by now.
  20. Had it on draft last year & loved it. Was anticipating I'd enjoy it this year in bottles - not so much. Very disjointed & unbalanced IMO. Then again it's just this jaded beer man's opinion....
  21. Kiwi is the best IPA(or L) that I've had in the area for quite some timeā€¦ If you are a fan of big Juicy IPA's with minimal malt (HT style), it will not disappoint.
  22. Yeah but.........Celebration tastes great right?
  23. Celebration tastes like a mediocre home brew. I don't get the love for it.
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  24. Of course! SNCA is drinking great. So are Ithaca Flower Power & Firestone Walker Union Jack (if found fresh < 6 weeks)
  25. psssssshhhhhh im sorry sundevil...this is drinking great right now. Very fresh lots of citrus with a dry pine finish just how I like it. I guess if you were looking for balance this may not be the best choice. But this is just how I like my IPAs.

    Will most certainly buy more soon.
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  26. TETO.

    But the bottled version this year is completely different than what I had last year on draft.
  27. I think it's different but still great. Last year seemed balanced and only different from Hoponius by the hop varities used. This year it's a bit more dry and more highly hopped. Still awesome and arguably best IPA from MA.
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  28. I've had this years on draft (3 full pours) and it was just as good if not better than last years. I don't expect the bottles to be Ny different but I will report once I crack one or two. It's a phenomenal beer that gives the VT guys a run for their money...and believe me I absolutely love HF, Lawson's, and Alchemist IPA's. it is easily on their level.
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  29. Good to hear. I'm glad I'll finally get my hands on some Celebration this year.

    Agreed on the Union Jack. For some reason I never bought Union Jack, but have tried every other IPA that I can get fresh. I picked one bottle up in a mix-a-six that was bottled 10/5, so about 4 weeks old when I had it. It was incredible, one of those tropical fruit tasting IPAs that really hit the spot. It gave a fresh Sculpin on tap a run for its money.
  30. In at BLM in Allston/Brookline. Fresh off the bottling line and in the store as of yesterday. Easily the best DIPL in Mass right now.
  31. Also, probably the only DIPL in Mass? Or are there more I am unaware of.
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  32. Ha good point :/ derp. Ill just say that it's really good...
  33. emannths

    emannths Savant (390) Massachusetts Sep 21, 2007

    Other bottled ones inlcude Harpoon Leviathan, Clownshoes Supahero and Angry Beast, CBC Red God (ok, maybe imp red), and Wachusett Larry.
  34. Granite Package in Weymouth has it. i believe its like 4.39
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  35. Those are lagers?
  36. emannths

    emannths Savant (390) Massachusetts Sep 21, 2007


    Carry on.
  37. I mean, as far as I know, Kiwi Rising is probably the only "Double IPL" on the planet, given that nobody really recognizes it as a style anyway.
  38. On tap at the Abbey. Heading there now.
  39. Are Jack's Abby's ? lol.
  40. Yup, picked up a bottle earlier today for myself, looking forward to trying it this weekend.

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