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La Cuvee d'Hiver

Discussion in 'Canada' started by LarryAppleton, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. How does this sound to fellow Montrealers? Looks like it will be at this Cuvee d'hiver. yum!
    • L’Exorciste / Dieu du Ciel (photo ci-bas)
    Cette bière de blé a été fermentée par une symbiose de levures de type Saccharomyces et Brettanomyces ainsi que des bactéries lactiques de type pédiococcus et lactobacilus durant 18 mois dans des fûts de chêne français. Tous ces mots compliqués pour dire que c’est une bien bonne bière! Présentant une belle couleur paille, elle offre des arômes de pomme verte sur un fond de chêne. Elle est subtilement boisée et ronde, ce qui vient balancer l’acidité bien marquée de cette bière.
  2. It is the first year for this event. But the organizers knows it very well because they are planning an other event during summer time that it well know :l'oktoberfest des québécois. They were able to get some very nice beers and rarities from all around Quebec. I t will be special to drink beers in the basement of a church !

    As for the exorcist, I had the chance to try the version when it was 6 months old, now it is 1 year and a half old so it seems to be a bit better. But it is still a light sour beer.

    Are you planning to come !!?

    I'll be there on friday evening !

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  3. Im planning on going at some point. Hopefully on Friday

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