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La Folie

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by StaveHooks, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. StaveHooks

    StaveHooks Savant (495) Oklahoma Nov 18, 2008

    Just cracked a 2013 La Folie and I know this year (pasteurized) is not the same as the previous version but it's damn sour. The 2012 was just as good. Is the previous version that much better?
  2. youradhere

    youradhere Savant (485) Arkansas Feb 29, 2008

    It depends upon individual preferences. I prefer fresh, as it was intended by the blenders at NB.
  3. TNGabe

    TNGabe Initiate (0) Tennessee Feb 6, 2012

    It's been pasteurized since they went to 22s from 750s.
  4. waltersrj

    waltersrj Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2010

    The last 750 ml, unpasteurized La Folie was in 2008 FYI.
  5. youradhere

    youradhere Savant (485) Arkansas Feb 29, 2008

    I thought 2009 was half unpastuerized C&c and half pasteurized 22oz.
  6. djs467

    djs467 Aficionado (240) Colorado Mar 1, 2011

    La Folie is just a fantastic beer no matter what year your are drinking (pasteurized or un-pasturized)
  7. jedwards

    jedwards Savant (330) California Feb 3, 2009

    This is correct. There was a batch of 750ml corked & caged bottles released in certain markets in early 2009 (I recall purchsing some in February of that year), and then the first round of 22oz capped bottles came out around June of 2009.

    In terms of flavor/aging... I've done a side-by-side of the two '09 versions several times since their release, most recently in mid-2012, and I don't think I'd be able to distinguish them blind (i.e., they're not aging that differently, at least to my palate).
  8. So what is the significance of pasteurization on how well this beer will age?
  9. slvrmon82

    slvrmon82 Savant (450) Delaware Dec 4, 2007

    beer ages well. I as well did a few year vertical last year and found them to be identical in profile.

    My thought is maybe they are blending it or just using the same recipe and the same barrels..?
  10. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (600) Colorado Apr 15, 2011

    Pasteurization kills most/all bacteria that would otherwise be living in the bottle. It is the live bacteria that continues to work in the bottle that causes changes over time.
  11. So there is no point in aging a new La Folie?

    Also, what's their motivation to pasteurize it?
  12. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (600) Colorado Apr 15, 2011

    Exactly. No point really. That's why the older c&c non-pasteurized bottles of La Folie are a lot more desirable.

    The reason they do this: consistency of their product. They believe that it's great and ready to drink the way it is, and by pasteurizing it, they "lock-in" that state of the beer across the board.
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  13. Thanks for the info.

    Boo pasteurization. Hooray beer.
  14. Yip, I had a bottle of '09 C&C last year. It was bloody sour and bloody delicious :D
  15. BrettHead

    BrettHead Advocate (535) Nebraska Sep 18, 2010

    I've been told by the 3rd employee of NB that flash pasteurization doesn't kill EVERYTHING :)

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