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    Yo and ya hey der,

    I've been here for three years or so and have read many reviews and tried many beers.I've tried many beers and want to expand selection. There are many Binny's in the area with great "build your own six pack" displays. I really enjoy lagers and pilsners and have tried many other types of beer. I've decieded to drink as many lagers and pilsners that I can from Germany,Canada,Poland,and the east and midwest states of the United States as I continue to check and follow my family history.
  2. both of great lakes year round lagers (dortmunder gold and eliot ness) are absolutely fucking outstanding. probably the best of their styles made in america.

    if you can get to wisconsin, new glarus hometown blonde is the best pilsner i've ever had. might be a bit tough to find as it's out of season though...
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    As mentioned, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold & Eliot Ness are both solid, a Dortmunder Export and Vienna Style Amber Lager, respectively.

    Some others i'd suggest would be Krombacher Pils (DE), Kulmbacher Edelherb Pils (DE), DAB (DE, get the cans), Metropolitan Dynamo (USA IL), North Coast Scrimshaw (USA CA), and i'd also encourage you to try the Kolsch style of beer. It's a hybrid, similar to a Pils but fermented with an Ale yeast, and then lagered. Clean and crisp, super easy drinking and refreshing. Metropolitan's Krankshaft (USA IL) & Sunner (DE) are good starting points.
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    I would suggest Ayinger Jahrhundert and any of Weihenstephaner's lagers. Also pinkus orangic pils is fantastic. Any franconian or bavarian lager will be your best bet unless it is a pils then maybe a north german pils. If you can find it try Stiegl Zwickl on draft, absolutely outstanding too.
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    Okay, at the risk of sounding too "geeky," Pilsners are lagers.

    I agree with most of the above suggestions, especially Vav's suggestion to try a K├Âlsch too -- especially one as fresh and local as Metropolitan.
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    Oooo -- where'd you find that?
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    map room
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    Definitely not true to style but it's a tasty freaking Pilsner, Victory Prima Pils is my personal go to American lager...Good hop, and full flavored, good mouthfeel.
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    It was on at Norse Bar a couple weeks ago. As I recall, it replaced Victory Braumeister Pils when that keg kicked. Now that was a great night for lager.
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    There aren't too many good Lagers and Pilsners brewed and bottled in Michigan...I'd like to see that change. Pontius Road Pilsner is solid...but past that, what else is bottled in this great (beer) state that is worth seeking?