Lagunitas Sucks in Spokane/Post Falls?

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by checktherhyme, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Has anyone seen it yet? That was my favorite beer of last year and I havent seen it anywhere. Seattle has it I know...
  2. woemad

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    I was in Huckleberry's about a week ago - no sighting then. Have you called around for it?
  3. Yes. Total Wine told me that it was on their order list and it was clear to order, but they didnt have a vender to supply it yet. I also have Odoms new keg inventory and Sucks isnt on it. Im very worried we may not get any.
  4. For anyone that cares, I read Odoms keg list that just got sent out, and Spokane officially has Sucks in the area. Total Wine said they would be getting bottles of it this week!
  5. Must be nice to have inside info ;)
  6. I used to do beer ordering for a couple different bars, so I still get the new inventory lists every week. It's definately useful. Let me know if you ever have any questions on whats coming to town! Also, we need to get a few of us Spokane BA's together and have a tasting. I have a bar at my house (Audubon Park area) we could do it at.
  7. Super nice. That would be amazing!
  8. and the rocket market has it now! i saw it on their facebook post!
  9. woemad

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    It's about time.
    Now, if I could find some Doggie Claws...
  10. Not sure how recent it was, but jims homebrew listed this beer on their new arrivals page. ( this could be a year old for all i know, so if so i apologize)
  11. woemad

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    I was just there on Wednesday, and no such luck. They might have had it earlier, though. Their whole selection had a very "picked over" vibe to it. I only picked up a couple of Jevers and some glassware.
  12. leedorham

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    They seem to only sell sours and eastern block lagers now.
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    A tasting with Spokane BA's would be cool.

    Enoteca had some a few days ago.
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    Where is Total Wine? (okay being lazy and not googling it) lol
  15. whiskey

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  16. I just moved to Spokane just under 2 months ago, and have been a BA for about 4 months total now. Do any of you Spokanites know of any decent bottle shops besides Total Wine? I love that store, but would love to know if there's any other good ones.

    On a terrible side note, Total Wine sold out of Sucks so fast I never had a chance, and they aren't getting any more in. I was pretty bummed :(
  17. JB's on Alberta (near Shadle) is good, but make sure and check your bottle dates. The Yokes on Aregonne is typically good. There is a place called bottles on Aregonne too that gets good stuff. My favorite place is Enoteca but it is in Post Falls. Really quick drive, and they get great beer.
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  18. Thanks for the suggestions, I truly appreciate it!
  19. DaltonC

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    Enoteca (post falls) currently has Sucks, bought a case about a week ago from them. Total Wine in spokane valley told me they ran out about a month ago. If you are feeling really desperate Pilgrim's Market here in Coeur d'Alene just tapped a keg a few days ago, (growler fills/tasting only) $10/$5 for growlers.
  20. Spikester

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    Plenty on hand in Hermiston, OR. Even Safeway carries it. About halfway to Spokane from Portland. Must be a distribution issue.
  21. tozerm

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    FYI... Lagunitas is transitioning to King Beverage in Spokane as we speak. That could be part of the issue.
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  22. This could be good or bad. King pushes the hell out of their craft stuff (like Ninkasi) to take taps away from Odom and Click. I'm all for more Lagunitas taps in Spokane, but hopeully it doesnt become over saturated like Ninkasi did in my opinion.
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  23. That explains the sucks shortage. I hope King decides to get the 32 ouncers!