Lagunitas Sucks is here! (NorCal)

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by FunkyMacGroovin, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Where in the east bay did you see it?
  2. ipa247

    ipa247 Savant (280) California Dec 23, 2008

    Picked some up at monument liquors in concord. Had to ask for it as it was not on the store floor.
  3. Madskill

    Madskill Savant (290) California Nov 25, 2012

    Monument wine and spirits in Concord, that place is excellent! Ask for it though.
  4. hophead247

    hophead247 Savant (475) California Jan 27, 2008 Verified

    I haven't heard Monument and the word excellent in the same sentence in years.
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  5. Madskill

    Madskill Savant (290) California Nov 25, 2012

    Really why is that? How do I quote someone to show who said it? Thanks.
  6. hophead247

    hophead247 Savant (475) California Jan 27, 2008 Verified

    Just hit reply on the bottom right of said quote.

    While Monument has a good selection, their customer service and cleanliness has gone way down over the past few years.
  7. CommanderOfAwesome

    CommanderOfAwesome Advocate (515) California Aug 30, 2012 Verified

    Got it at safeway last Friday. Delicious.
  8. Any SoCal sightings yet?
  9. ryno09

    ryno09 Savant (320) California May 1, 2010

    Looks like it hit San Diego today.
  10. tyrsis

    tyrsis Savant (450) California Mar 13, 2009 Verified

    It's at BDBS and Bine and Vine today.
  11. Still no sign of it in Orange County. Made calls to Bevmo, Total Wine, and Whole Foods. However, Total Wine Northridge apparently already has like 49 cases. So there will be tons of this stuff out there. Happy hunting.

    ps- I still haven't tried this beer. Oh well, off to Pizza Port San Clemente, where the Tap list is BOMB right now.
  12. Anyone know if they have it in the tri-valley area (Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore)?
  13. Hatzilla

    Hatzilla Savant (385) California Jul 25, 2008 Verified

    Call your local Bevmo, they should have it.
  14. mjl21

    mjl21 Advocate (550) California Apr 3, 2008

    Drinking a 6 day old bottle now. Tastes better than last years.
  15. Unfortunately I tried the one in Pleasanton (should've called ahead), no dice. Clerk said the manager was going to try asking around and seeing if they could steal from the other stores.
  16. Arbitrator

    Arbitrator Initiate (0) California Nov 26, 2008

    Try the San Ramon Whole Foods; you could check and see if the Fremont BevMo has it.

    I love this beer, though I might be the only person who thinks Little Sumpin' Sumpin' is better. Fully expecting responses of "You cray-cray" or something like that.
  17. Madskill

    Madskill Savant (290) California Nov 25, 2012

    I just grabbed some SN Bigfoot but I think that is easier to find than sucks. Sucks is amazing!
  18. Bigfoot is out already?
  19. I grabbed Bigfoot at Total Wine last night in Sac. Raley's and Bel Air stores have a solid Lagunitas distribution network, I grabbed a few sixers of Sucks about 4 days ago.
  20. Madskill

    Madskill Savant (290) California Nov 25, 2012

    Yes, I saw it in Monument wine and spirits in Concord and in one of the bevmos in Walnut Creek. Safeway near the Nordstrom in WC also has sucks. Everyone have a save and happy new year!
  21. I don't agree, but taste is subjective. Don't get me wrong, Little Sumpin' Sumpin' is very good. Also, Little Sumpin' Sumpin' is year round, so it is always available (making it less desirable). ;) The only people I find crazy are the people saying that Sucks isn't good. It is most definitely good, especially for a DIPA found in 6pks and for $10.
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  22. Trio2shine

    Trio2shine Savant (350) California Nov 15, 2011 Verified Subscriber

    Was told yesterday by the "craft beer" guy at the BevMo in Fresno that Sucks was a one time brew per a recent discussion he had with "the brewer".......OK.
  23. He told me the same thing, haha. I work like a walking distance from the San Ramon Whole Foods. They had plenty last week, thinking of picking up some more on my "lunch break today" :)
  24. On tap in PA @ PJ Whelihan's. oh so good!!
  25. Is Sucks the best IPA available in 6 packs on the West Coast? I can't think of anything better.
  26. 01Ryan10

    01Ryan10 Savant (295) California Sep 10, 2011

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  27. It's a toss up for me but yeah, forgot Sculpin was in six packs now.