Last years plead the 5th

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  1. I recently opened a bottle of last years plead the 5th. Just was bad, really sweet and just awefull. I have several beers in my "cellar" and never have had an issue. I assumed with the high ABV it would do just fine. All my beer is stored in the dark at around 50-60 degrees (basement closet). Any thoughts?
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    It is a pretty sweet beer to begin with, not sure what else you found unsatisfactory about it but maybe sit on it a little longer. I also have some of these as well back to 09 but haven't opened any recently. Maybe someone else can speak to how they do as they get over 1 YO.
  3. Have you had fresh Pt5 and liked it?
  4. Thought the fresh was great and saved a few. I'll have someone else try it. It just tasted like a completely different beer a year later. Maybe just bad luck with the one. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Had some a few months ago, tasted great!
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    Not my experience at all. Here's a snapshot of a sorta-vertical we did last May:

    Great Lakes Plead the Fifth: 2010, 2011, 2012, Barrel-Aged Version

    Plead the Fifth is my favorite easily available stout, so I've been looking forward to this for a while, wondering if it'll hold up to time or if I'll be sipping it fresh forever. My lovely wife accidentally drank my only other bottle of '10, so we'll have to bump it up if this is worthwhile next year. Four bottles, eight small tasters, seatbelt on, here we go.

    2010: Well, there it is. Still pretty good, but drifting into acrid territory, & the body is definitely thinning. Chocolate is the strongest component here. Not bad, but next to the others, now I'm not sad I have no more of the 2010 bottles. * B-/B *
    2011: Kick-ass. This one's defined by the roasty notes, while the chocolate is subdued. Strong current of sweet malts. Aftertaste is marvelous, the various components stick to the palate like Elmer's. Much thicker than it's year-old kissing-cousin. * A/A+ *
    2012: Almost as kick-ass. This one wins on mouthiness, big & thick & crawling all over the palate with a malty paintbrush. Roast is a lovely, coffee-smell-in-the-morning afterthought. More of what I'd think of as a classic RIS. * A-/A *
    BA 5th: Tougher to compare to the rest of the crowd than I thought it would be. The bourbon is heavy enough to eradicate many of the best subtleties of Plead the 5th, which is too bad. Still good in it's own right, but a bourbon bomb that might make the lowliest RIS taste good. Very good, but I'll take my Plead straight-up, thank you. Scratch that. After about 20 minutes sitting out, this bumps up towards world-class, & the base beer really starts to shine. *A-/A *

    Conclusion: I'll be saving some of my current stockpile, but not for more than a year or so. The 2010 is certainly still worthy, but it's a serious step down from the other two years; no sense in letting a great beer like this go to seed.
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    o_O ????
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    Reply to maximum12

    Dark horse brews Plead the Fifth, are you referring to Black Out Stout?:confused:
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