Great Britain Laverstoke beer label causes legal battle

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CBlack85, Jan 16, 2013.

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    What do you think? Overzealous watchdog group, or does the label cross the line?
  2. It's nonsense and they had ONE complaint!
    In my opnion the label sucks but it's the theme they have on all their products.
    We have laws protecting children from alcohol and we supposeldy have responsible parents and shop keepers, what the label looks like should not matter.
    It will result in more free publicity for the beer, the lager is actually really good.
    What about the likes of Delirium and Chouffe? I can imagine there have been problems like this in Belgium.
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    Ridiculous, if you ask me. Saying it "appeals to children" - are you kidding me? Give any kid one sip and they'll be sure to never drink beer again until they get to college.
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    My opinion is it is foolishness. Children need to be protected from infinitely more dangerous things beer. People need to wake up and smell the coffee (stout). One person with too much time on their hands create crap like this...hope it doesn't snowball and the court shouts get a life to the rabble rousers. YMMV...
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  5. This is everything that is wrong with this country. What nonsense. Appeals to kids. STFU. Like some kid would go barreling down the aisle in the store and go batshit crazy pointing at it while jumping up and down and screaming to his mother at the top of his/her lungs that they wanted it.
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  7. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I can see this occurring stateside too.

    That said, I stand by my comment.

    In general, it irks me that people can't simply educate their children, whatever country they're in, rather than have to make sure that you dumb shit down so some kind doesn't find it cool. Like I this instance it may refer to the UK...but this isn't a mindset that's unique to the UK.
  8. Can I applaud the small minded 'head up arse' humourless soulless lame fucktards that made this all possible
    for too long I have had to see my streets filled with craft ale hoodies all stoked on hops &
    don't get me started on the Real Ale Toddler's.

    I bet that like myself many with parents of Real Ale/Good Beer devotees have been brought up with very sound values on drinking
    though this is more of a side issue that it is an utter affront to common bloody sense.
  9. Oh christ, watch out Tiny Rebel (logo is a teddy bear - see my avatar). What a load of shite.
  10. The big corporate brewers so try and make there adverts/designs target the lucrative teen market.
    At worse that label would mean parents having to talk to their children about alcohol.
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  11. A horrifying prospect, having to be responsible for their own feckless offspring.

    I remember Jello Biafra saying something very similar to Bevis' quote, in relation to censorship and warning labels on music way back when.
  12. This is a country where you buy a bag of nuts and it says on the packet "Caution, contains nuts" so not much is surprising these days.Where you can sue the local authority if you trip over a paving stone.Ever tried looking where you're going? Personal responsibility isn't what it was.
  13. looks like Jody has heard that 'controversial' marketing is a sure fire way of drumming up Fanboys. Wonder where he picked up on that?
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    stupid... kinda the same reason NH can't get Founders Breakfast Stout.
  15. The Portman Group know which side their bread is buttered on don't they? Anything they can do to remove small players from the market so that more shelf space is available for macro crap from the big breweries. They should go eat a bag of dicks.....
  16. Showed my support by tweeting them the word "tossers". Oh yeeeah...
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