Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast

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  1. Freshest beer I've ever bought. They apparently couldn't start bottling this beer until the law changed. So at midnight saturday night they bottled it. Day and half old, awesome.

    Do yourself a favor and snag a 4 pack when you find it. It's delicious. I never would have thought it was 9% abv. It had such a good balanced flavor and I loved all the rye.

    I'm super excited to see what Lazy Magnolia does from here on out.

    Cheers to them!
  2. I had some that was half a day old. My excitement pretty much has me blank on the beer except that I liked it.

    I look forward to getting a few 4-packs of it and sampling it at my leisure. And trying it on draft again.

    It's a solid beer.
  3. I've really enjoyed the three that I've had so far and will be seeking out another 4 pack this weekend. The only other rye based IPA that I've had is the Ruthless Rye and I'd say that the Timber Beast is superior. Lazy Magnolia really stepped up to the plate with this one.
  4. trill

    trill Aficionado (215) Mississippi Jun 29, 2007

    I was lucky enough to try it straight off the bottling line at the brewery. Ridiculous grapefruit/tangerine flavors, very dry, nice rye spiciness without the sticky sweetness of Ruthless Rye (which I enjoy). Will just destroyed this one, IMO. Can't wait for batch two, he said he's still tweaking it to get more hop aroma/flavor.
  5. I agree completely with you guys. I think Timber Beast is great. Tons of citrus and hoppy bitterness. I am really excited for Lazy Magnolia and looking forward to what's next. Drink local, Mississippi!
  6. trill

    trill Aficionado (215) Mississippi Jun 29, 2007

    What's next should be 1. Southern Hops'pitality in bottles (and re-formulated to ~7%ABV), 2. Jefferson Stout in bottles, 3. a continuation of the Back Porch series that's so super-secret that Will would not give me any details, but he swore that it'd be awesome.
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    I still need to pick some of this up. Hit both McDade's yesterday and saw none. The drive to Hops & Habanas is a long one but I might do it.
  8. Although Hops & Habanas is worth the drive, they are sold out of Timber Beast. I don't think you will find it in any stores for another couple of weeks when we get another shipment. You can however find it at some bars.


    This shows where it was delivered. obviously Lazy Mag can't know if is sold out or not.
  9. Count me in as impressed with Timber Beast. IMO this is their best offering to date. Very excited if they are trending to other beers like Timber Beast.
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  10. Does anyone know if this is if they are bottling this yet and is it available in Gulfport,Ms?
  11. trill

    trill Aficionado (215) Mississippi Jun 29, 2007

    Bottling: absolutely. Available: Not sure. Wes is doing a great job keeping abreast of new beers in the market at, but for up-to-date info on where the beers are available, "like" Raise Your Pints on facebook and keep any eye out or ask.

    The 2nd shipment should hit shelves and taps end of next week, I believe.

    As far as the direction LM is trending, it's safe to say it's the right one. They haven't messed with Southern Pecan or Indian Summer, but have you guys tried Deep South Pale Ale (formerly Reb Ale) lately? It's morphed into a very nice APA, tons of hop flavor and more assertive bitterness than the previous iteration.
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  12. I believe it came and went from Gulfport. They have more on the way though. Should have a 60 bbl batch being bottled this week with more to follow. I think the timing of the law and this beer release was good and bad in a way. They just upgraded their brewhouse and the weeks leading up to the release they were getting everything set up, and don't know how much beer they were able to brew during this time. Now they are up and running with at 60 bbl brewhouse. Once they get the first few batches out in the market they should be able to keep up. People are buying this brew by the case.

    Also I am posting right now about Timber Beast being a year round offering. I thought it may be a seasonal as it is part of the Back Porch Series. Also I have the style of the next Back Porch Series beer that i'll post tonight as well.

    Thanks, trill.
  13. From
    The next release in Lazy Magnolia's Back Porch Series is said to be an Imperial Stout. This beer should be available later this year.
    Great News: Timber Beast will be available year round. I was concerned that because it was part of the Back Porch Series, it would be only available during certain times. Lazy Magnolia informed me today that Timber Beast will be available year round.
  14. Hotmetal1

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    I can't wait to get home from Afghanistan and try this one. J.R. Clark
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  15. TBIM

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    Have any of you guys seen a press release about this beer? Something from LM? I would like to use it for our site.
  16. I haven't seen a specific press release from them but I'm sure if you contact them they'd be glad to let you know if they have one. There was a fair bit of press on this in central and south MS in the newspapers and tv stations.
  17. timhewitt

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    They have plenty at Bikini Beer in Oxford. Very good rye IPA. I enjoyed it much more than Terrapin's.
  18. donia

    donia Disciple (50) Mississippi Feb 24, 2010

    anybody around golden triangle (ms) seen it, yet? sloooowly trickling in new beer options in starkvegas...
  19. Donia, Formu's Party Shop had it. I would assume Brewski's and Coconuts had it as well. Smoke Stack in West Point had it. I don't know if any of these places still have it. It came in early this week I believe, and has been selling fast everywhere.
  20. I would like to try this. Does anybody have a source of supply in Meridian? I haven't seen any changes in the beer selection since the law passed, with the exception of Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA at Piggly Wiggly. Thanks!
  21. Thanks--good info, though just a start on assortment. I will get my hands on some this week hopefully.
  22. GoBlueMs: from Magnolia Beverage

    They have been submitted to piggly wiggly but not authorized yet. Their best chance right now is last chance tobacco which is about a mile away on hwy 493 in front of broadmoar. Lazy mag has informed us that our next shipment of timber beast will be the week of the 30th, possibly the week of the 23rd. Thanks.
  23. Last chance on 493 had it, but were sold out on Friday when I stopped by. Last weekend the Clarkedale Superette on old 45 across from Clarkedale school also had it. They may still.... Definitely worth the 10-15 minute drive from Meridian if they still have it. Just FYI: The Smokestack in Westpoint still has it.
  24. I have also heard rumors that Weidmanns has Timber Beast, but I can't confirm it.
  25. Like TrappistJohn said, the Clardale Superette may be the only place that currently has Timberbeast in Stock.

    The Cash Saver grocery store (old Sack N Save) near La Pinata has received lots of new beers since July 1st. They added 40 feet of shelf space for imports and craft beers and are selling mix six packs. They have most of the Tallgrass beers and new (to us) beers from Diamond Bear, Abita, Redhook, Tommy Knocker, Widmer Brothers, Mons, and a few others.

    New offerings from Sam Adams should be here in a week or two.

    Here's the Cash Saver grocery store:

  26. bluepred

    bluepred Zealot (75) Tennessee Jul 30, 2009

    Where can I find it/ try it in the biloxi/ocean springs area...ple
    ase help me find it.
  27. I'm not sure but according to my distributor the second batch of Lazy Magnolia will be out at the end of the upcoming week. The combination of it being MS's first high abv beer and it actually being a really good beer has made it hard to come by.
  28. acevenom

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    I'm really just hoping that it'll make it to Louisiana. I have yet to find bottles of Deep South Pale Ale in Louisiana, but I have seen them in Texas. Go figure.
  29. Curmis

    Curmis Aspirant (25) Jul 22, 2012

    They only started out with something like 57 cases. I had 3 cases last week in stock but it was gone the same day. I will tell you as soon as we have it.
  30. bluepred

    bluepred Zealot (75) Tennessee Jul 30, 2009

    Curmis, where is here? Also if there are no bottles available to buy, can someone tell me a place I can go try it?
  31. Mississipping

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    I haven't heard of TB being on tap anywhere yet (I could be out of the loop, though). There was talk of it being tapped at Irie in Oxford (I know that doesn't help you, bluepred), but it didn't end up happening.

    Since you're in Biloxi, you could take a 40 minute trip down 10 to Kiln and try it at the brewery next weekend, assuming they have it on tap there. I'd give them a call and see before heading that way, but it's not that far out of the way and would probably be easier than tracking down bottles at this point.

    Best of luck! It's pretty delicious and worth seeking out.
  32. Curmis

    Curmis Aspirant (25) Jul 22, 2012

    We own stores in OS. But I believe the Draft House or Brew can't remember the name at Mosaic ha it on tap. I'll let you know as soon as I have it in stock.
  33. avenuepub

    avenuepub Savant (295) Louisiana Apr 23, 2009

    It will be in New Orleans on draft in Mid to late August. I'm not sure when the bottles will hit. They might be out at the same's just the draft that's on my radar screen because they are cashing some of it for an event for us.
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  34. To track down, Deep South, try this tool:
  35. Another shipment of Timber Beast has made it to Meridian.
  36. Cash Savers has it. Weidmanns had it last night too.
  37. The cashier at Last Chance on 493 said that they got 3 cases of Timber Beast in yesterday, but are sold out today. This stuff is selling like crazy.
  38. Louisiana has seen none!
  39. Looks like it will be September before they ship it out of state.