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Le Castor is at it again...

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ricochet173, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Microbrasserie Le Castor has just posted on facebook that they are currently making a Barleywine aged in Rum barrels. If this is anywhere near as good as their Bourbon Wee Heavy, then I am very much looking forward to trying this bad boy! The casks came from Jamaica apparently, in case you're wondering. Will post more when I get more details; just thought you lovely folks would like to know!
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  2. Sounds very interesting!
  3. I've yet to try their Bourbon scotch ale but heard good things about it.
  4. I am not going to lie, it is priced quite poorly (something like 13 bucks at Peluso for a 650 ml bottle), but it is probably the best wee heavy I have ever tasted. Very barrel-forward though, just to warn you.
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  5. +1
    Great stuff, I've only had Batch 1 bottles and it was barrel-forward but I think batch 2 used same barrels so maybe it was a bit less "aggressive". I'll buy another bottle to compare with Backwoods Bastard :p
  6. Batch 1 was awesome. The bourbon was very present. Knowing that, I'll grab a few of this rhum barrel aged barleywine batch 1 also !

    Can't wait to try this!
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  7. Yup, batch 2-3-4 were 50% used barrel and only spent 3 months instead of 5 for the first batch. Let's hope they also forget that rhum batch 1 barleywine!
  8. And, drank one batch 1 one week ago, the bourbon already started to fallen. If someone has some left, I would drink them now!
  9. Agreed! I wouldn't bother really aging this one as it drinks very, very well fresh and would only lose some of the barrel character.
  10. I loved be BA wee heavy. Fantastic stuff. Fan wait to check out this other offering!