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Le Mondial Preliminary List

Discussion in 'Canada' started by papat444, Apr 10, 2013.

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  2. Super excited to try all the Brazilian beers, especially after Stephen Beaumont talked them up so much this year.
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  3. Some of the French stuff looks surprisingly good! Not that France can't make good beer, just that I tend to expect the more traditional from them. I'm anxious to get my hands on the Italian brews too...
  4. Italian beers look interesting, bit disappointed that there is now UK brews. Hopefully there's more to follow.
  5. Likewise. Going to be my first venture out to this event.
  6. I'm expecting (hoping) that there will be a few more US breweries making an appearance.
  7. I'll be there just on the Sunday aft
  8. Nice list. I had a few of the Brazil beers last year. Nothing earthshaking but it is good to see some enthusiasm for beer in another part of the World.
  9. Any idea when the full list comes out?
  10. 3 weeks before which should be next week.
  11. Thanks!
  12. That list looks great. I'll have no problem finding a ton of new beer to try. I'm going to have to break out the highlighter and plan it out a bit, think about pacing, or thise could be some really early days, if you know what I mean.
  13. I don't really understand why any brewery would come here when their products can't be sold in the province/country. How is this promotional for them?
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  14. I really don't get this either. If the SAQ didn't suck so badly, maybe they'd try selling some more types of beer, or have seasonal releases or something; however, this is clearly not the case. There is no real reason to come here.
  15. It's not a festival to get people to know good beer. It's more of an attraction to make as much money as possible.
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  16. Right on! This is why less and less Québec brewery attend it, few of them told me how expensive it is to be part of it
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  17. Yes, and it doesn't help that numerous breweries were fined hundreds/thousands of dollars for exceeding their allotted space last year (no warning, just a fine at the end; Unibroue got fined something over 1000$); also, the breweries don't get paid until several months after the event, as the organizers go on vacation immediately afterwards; lastly, the Mondial takes a huge cut of the profit.
  18. I'm glad that there is already a thread for this event. Can anyone give me any solid suggestions of what not to miss? or is it kind of a crap shoot? I'm going to do a bit of homework but are there any DO NOT MISS beers?

    I'm going to Montreal for the first time for my bachelor party any suggestions of solid brew pubs/beers to buy for the voyage back to Ontarible?
  19. Dieu du Ciel is a classic and in no particular order, La Succursale, Cheval Blanc, Benelux, Brouhaha and Vices et Versa are all great beer places. As for beer store you can hit Peluso, you'll find everything you need in one place.
  20. Benelux had its Voluxious IPA on cask last year at Mondial . Damn it was great. I would recomend that one. Saint Bock always has some great Belgians available. I do not see the Vermont Brewers on the list of booths. It won't be the same if they aren't there.
  21. Side note - Any good restaurants that have vegetarian options? A bunch of us meat eaters are going to check out Schwartz's but not the best place for a vegetarian.
  22. 4ster

    4ster Savant (340) Ontario (Canada) Aug 17, 2012

    Has anyone heard of any good "side" events taking place at any of the breweries/brewpubs during the same time....
  23. 4ster

    4ster Savant (340) Ontario (Canada) Aug 17, 2012

  24. Will be there Wed & Fri night. Say hi, i'll be easy to spot :D

  25. 4ster

    4ster Savant (340) Ontario (Canada) Aug 17, 2012

    Perhaps I'll pop down tomorrow night.... it's a Wednesday night, what else is there to do?? .... :)
  26. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Isn't the private import group doing an event this year? They usually have a Vermont brewers night.
  27. Went last Wednesday night, first time at the VIP section :D
    Good selection but it's obvious that the local breweries are flocking to Chambly vs Mondial and i can't honestly blame them.
    The only draw for me is to try some rare(ish) imports.
    The new venue is ok but the outdoor and indoor parts are separated. You have to walk out of the hall on go to the front of Palais (5 min.walk). I don't get the impression that there is more room, if anything, i think there's less room than at Place Bonaventure.
    I actually miss the Gare Windsor days. It was crowded but i enjoyed the venue.
  28. The DDC Moralite is the best IPA I've ever had.
  29. Yeah that one was pretty good. It was weird to hide our glasses and drink in plastic cup...
  30. Do you know if this is avaiable at the pub? Or was it a 1 time only release? Thanks

  31. Not sure if it's available at the pub now but was before. Chances are if there's some left, it'll be at the pub. A few batches of this have been released so far.
  32. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Guys I think you have the name of this one wrong. It is the collaboration they did with Alchemist(Heady Topper brewer) and it is called Morality. :)

  33. Yes but in french, it's Moralité ;)
  34. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Now all us anglophones know. :D
  35. FYI: Vermont Brewers Association has decided it is too expensive to export beer, put up staff, and pour at a kiosk since last year. There are some special VT kegs that make it to Benelux for the off-Mondial event, and that will likely continue. They continue to invite Quebec brewers to pour at the VT Brewers Fest. I no longer attend for many of the reasons ricochet173 stated. I want to support as many small Quebec brewers as possible, so I catch up with them at the Chambly fest - haven't missed that one in 14 years except for the 2 years it was on-hold.
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  36. When I was at the brew pub on the Saturday of the festival they had a beer sign for Heady Topper. Also it was not on tap on the saturday but DAMN! Peche is very different on tap.