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Discussion in 'Canada' started by liamt07, Mar 4, 2013.

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  2. considering that their facebook page doesn't show their location (or did i miss it?) and there's also a left Field Brewery in Texas (http://www.leftfieldbrewing.com/ , which looks really sad), I don't know what to think.
  3. They are in Toronto.

    The owner is a friend of mine so I will be supporting this venture for sure. I am sure that a few locals will know him, but I will give him a chance to introduce himself when he feels the time is right.
  4. Yeah, just click the 'About' button under their description on the home page. They've got some beers listed there as well which I'm guessing they intend to produce.
  5. man, do i ever hate Facebook's current layout...

    anyways, this will be interesting. 2013 will be a telling story for Ontario beer. which will the LCBO carry and why? if you're doing an IPA, why should they carry yours versus the dozen that are already out there? and while the facebook page says they aren't about gimmicks, the name and beer names are cute but indeed gimmicky. it will definitely result in people trying the beer and ordering it at a bar (and buying it for the summer if it will reach the LCBO shelves), but the real story will be in the product.

    i wish them luck. their promotional material looks very cute and well designed. but man, this market's going to get real tough real fast.
  6. You don't even have to click the About button. Just reading some of the postings reveals they are in Toronto.

    And aren't most names of beers around the world "cute but indeed gimmicky"?
  7. Sounds promising! Looking forward to trying these guys out for sure.
  8. i guess. the baseball theme is clearly trying to get a certain demographic. no knock against it. hey, they clearly have a business plan (which is more than some start-ups can probably say) so they've thought things through.

    with potential market saturation, you need a hook. and i think they definitely have a hook.

    but the names are more gimmicky than others (e.g. Witchshark, Mad Tom IPA)
  9. I don't care about gimmicks or clever advertising, just give me a chance to taste the sweet nectar and I will be happy.

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