Liquor Barn Hamburg in Lexington has a full keg of Zombie Dust

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  1. Well, when I heard, I was just going to drink the whole thing myself but I don't have the liver or the wallet for it. Anyways, the Liquor Barn at Hamburg in Lexington, KY just got a full half barrel of Zombie Dust a couple days ago according to the guy cutting the cheese(s). I've already filled a couple big growlers and figuring as they don't advertise this, I'm sure there'll be plenty for those of us here.
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  2. Growlers only, of course. $6.50 for 32 oz, $12 or $13 for 64 oz, dollar off on Wednesdays for the 64 oz.
  3. drfabulous

    drfabulous Savant (260) Kentucky Jul 23, 2005

    $13 for a 64 ounce is one hell of a deal. Whole Foods has Dreadnaught at $26 (I think) a 64 ounce fill. It's too bad Liquor Barn doesn't update their online growler list much.
  4. erichall

    erichall Aficionado (195) Kentucky Nov 13, 2008

    Except zombie dust is an $11 six pack and dreadnaught is a $10 bomber. That would explain the huge discrepancy.
  5. drfabulous

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    I know. That's why I'm saying it's a hell of a deal. When we used to fill growlers here (not at LB), we were paying about that much for a 32 ounce fill. Then the place doing the fills had to stop due to Three Floyds request.
  6. monkey

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    FYI, I was there today and it's gone.
  7. Make sure you get someone that knows what's going on. I went there one day and some lady said it was out because the tap handle was missing, but they never had a tap handle for it. Returned the next day few days and had my growler filled twice. I'm not saying it's NOT gone, but it seems most of the people behind the deli counter aren't exactly beer savvy. I'll stop in later today and double check, I'm out anyways.
  8. As evidenced by the giant piece of paper splayed over Zombie Dust on the growler menu that reads "OUT," it appears they are indeed out.