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LME in the carpet...

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by circlenine, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Just came home from picking up a pizza to find my Bassett Hound bathing in puddles of LME that my Great Dane so kindly removed from the table for him. 6.6 pounds split evenly between the carpet and his fur...They also ate my entire bag of grains (I suspect it was the Bassett again), and fortunately passed on the hops. Earlier in the year it was a bottle of Kahlua that she knocked off the counter and the Bassett insisted on mopping up with his tongue. In the words of the vet, he was "definitely showing signs of a hangover" the next morning.

    My fault for leaving it on the table, and certainly not a fun mess to clean up. Although on the plus side, I did find a new use for PBW.

    Just figured I'd share. It's much easier to laugh at the situation now that it's cleaned up.
  2. goodonezach

    goodonezach Initiate (0) New York Mar 24, 2011

    that's pretty funny stuff. my dogs usually wait for us to spill a little beer during bottling, and just drink that up...
  3. That's hilarious. I am glad I have an ultra mellow Golden Retriever right about now :)
  4. My cat loves her some first runnings.

    I accidentally had spilled a little of my first runnings on the kitchen floor, and was going to clean up the spill in a couple minutes. Next thing I knew, she's lapping it up like its the greatest thing ever.

    So yes, unhopped wort gets the cats approval.
  5. Just as an FYI...

    A nearly $600 vet bill later, I wouldn't recommend this to any dog. The problem proved to be the grains. The Dane ate all the grains, not the Bassett like originally thought, and she had bloat and a serious blockage. At least they were able to avoid surgery.

    Moral of the story is two fold: PBW works wonders and don't let your dog eat the dry grains.
  6. People either. I ate too many dry grains last week, stopped me up proper for a few days.

    Too much information?
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  7. No, but you should help circle9 with the vet bill since he just helped you avoid a trip to the vet.
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