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Lonerider Brewing Co. - Pistols at Dawn

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by defaultroute, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. What are the thoughts? I got a bunch and I'm glad I did. I'm mclovin' it!
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  2. Glad to hear. Lil Robert's in Concord is supposed to be doing some kind of release this weekend, and I think there's a keg. Hope to get a couple of bottles then.
  3. Was this the same beer on cask at the real ale tent at WBF in Durham?
  4. AtlCarl

    AtlCarl Aficionado (125) Georgia Feb 1, 2011

    I hope your saving a bottle for us Atl guys to try in a few weeks:)
  5. No, but it is similar. The cask at WBF was one of the test batches. I'm pretty sure of that.
  6. That was batch #1 (along with keg at Brewgrass). Bottle is batch #2.
  7. we getting any in CLT? got me curious :)
  8. maybe I should try it then.
  9. Rymar9

    Rymar9 Savant (265) South Carolina Jan 24, 2011

    Just picked up a bottle of this in Charlotte. Wow, very impressed, it's delicious. Was told by a rep that Charlotte only got 15 total cases. extremely limited.
  10. GBC got a case or two in today.

    what's the price for those that have one?
  11. Rymar9

    Rymar9 Savant (265) South Carolina Jan 24, 2011

    yea, I got mine from GBC. paid $21 for it. pricey but worth it based on the sample I had.
  12. $21 for a non barrel aged stout..i declare shenanigans :)
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  13. Handle

    Handle Savant (395) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    Ouch -- $21? I'm still eager to try it. Maybe I can find it on draft somewhere.
  14. I heard only one keg made it to our area and that was to Lil Roberts who tapped it on Halloween.

    Hopefully another is sneaking around
  15. Handle

    Handle Savant (395) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    Oh well. Sounds like it's worth it, but with two kids I've had to cut my beer budget considerably. :p
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  16. I wanna see it on tap here in Durham, only like 25 miles from the brewery.
  17. Apparently Bottle Revolution was only charging $14. Jeez, GBC.
  18. It was delicious but pricey. Chris from GBC was shocked at the price himself and said he even called to see if his invoice was right and they said indeed, $20-22 was the common selling price.

    If you like coffee and chocolate, this is a beer to seek out. IMHO, I would take this over Sexual Chocolate pretty much any day of the week.
  19. even with all the FBS and Big Bad Baptist around?
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  20. For people wanting to try an new/local/good coffee chocolate stout, yes. Do you not try other local imperial IPA's because Sculpin is readily available?
  21. I def buy local whenever possible but would you buy Death by Hops over Sculpin if DbH was $21?? :)
  22. For a one time limited release, sure. I have paid more and been disappointed. At least I got to try this before I had to plop down the money.
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  23. I think my personal record is that damn 500ml bottle of BA Rasputin that I think was like $23ish...I do wanna try Pistols at Dawn but wonder where the heck they came up with that price point..much higher than Event Horizon and even Silent Night and they are established NC goodness..
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  24. Hell yes. I did a side by side with FBS and FBS was just boring next to it.

    Kegs of it were EXTREMELY rare. Most of the batch was for bottles. I don't believe the taproom doesn't even have it, but I thnk they still have the initial test batch of it called "A Tap with No Name" It's basically a lower ABV version of it at 5.5% and very good.

    I do know the brewery still has some bottles for sale.
  25. Every place I ever saw Silent Night was higher than $15
  26. I also thought it was better in bottle than in keg. I'm looking forward to see how it ages.

    And some more facts: the coffee was from Joe Van Gogh and the chocolate was from Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh.
  27. Handle

    Handle Savant (395) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    That's probably mine, too. A friend recently shared with me an 11 oz. bottle of La Trappe's Oak Aged Quad (Batch 8, whisky), and that's around $24 if I'm not mistaken. I never thought I would consider paying that -- until I tasted it. It just may be worth it as a "special occasion" beer.

    Then again, $24 is halfway to a good bottle of whisky.
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  28. At that price I can picture myself picking up this bottle and putting it down repeatedly.
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  29. yea I rarely buy anything over $20 thats not Belgian. I do splurge on Silent Night.
  30. I just picked one of these up at Bestway for$14.99.. also grabbed Mini Growler from westbrook/evil twin $14.99 and Silent night for $17.99..
  31. If anyone wants to trade some of this for the just released Coast Blanton's BA Blacbeerd, shoot a beermail. And before the flames start, yes I know this ain't the trading forum. I posted there too. Just thought it would get seen by the right crowd in this thread.

  32. No non-BA stout is worth $21 a bottle. Very few barrel aged stouts can legitimately demand such a price.
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  33. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    Beer Study in Chapel Hill had it waaaay cheaper, under $15 IIRC. Props to JD!1
  34. I hope the newer bottles have more coffee than the bottle I had. Pure slick chocolately stout. FBS minus any coffee presence, and a bit lighter.
  35. It's a good beer, but it is sitting on the shelves in Raleigh, not worth 17-18 a bottle, welcome to Foe-Hammer fame.... :rolleyes:
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  36. I wouldn't go that far, but yeah.

    It's also 14.99 at Bestway if anyone wants to try it

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