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Looking for a Muskoka Winter Beard Glass

Discussion in 'Canada' started by WassailWilly, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. lol awesome... did not know that was out their. i want one too!
  2. If you find 2 I will make a trade worth it for you !!!
  3. did you contact the brewery and ask if they they sell them? I have only ever done this once, but indeed they did and were also willing to sell one over the phone.
  4. Oh they said they had em..Shipping was the problem. I guess they had tried to ship 2 glasses to NY and didnt have much success .
  5. Still looking for this bad boy ... I have two beers put back waiting for the PROPER vessel !!
  6. Love this glass come on guys !!!!
  7. Anybody out there have one of these glasses for trade ????
  8. It's been 2 months and 3 bumps, so my guess is "No".

    Find a trader that will buy them for you and trade them.
  9. ^I know it has to be hard on the eyes to read all these posts lol ^
  10. Looking for any and ALL Canadian Winter ale glasses including the one above..
    I know Big Rock has one for their Winter Spice also..
    Not sure what else is out there but message me if you have something...
    Will trade beers/glassware