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Looking for NH beers for my cellar

Discussion in 'New England' started by MikeRedmond236, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. MikeRedmond236

    MikeRedmond236 Aficionado (110) New Hampshire Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    Hey folks of BA,

    Trying to get some ideas for my cellar of brews that are readily available in the southern NH area. I'm not opposed to traveling to VT for anything Hill Farmstead or for Heady, but I'm curious of a list of other brews that would be considered "must haves" and slightly more local for me to acquire.


  2. If you can find a bottle of White Birch 3rd Anniversary then that would be a good one to sit on. White Birch also did a Flemish ale and a wild ale. All three I saw at Berts Better Beers in Hooksett NH this weekend.
  3. brikelly

    brikelly Savant (470) Massachusetts Apr 11, 2010 Verified

    Don't forget Portsmouth Brewing and Smuttynose in Portsmouth NH - visiting them might yield some interesting brews.
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  4. You might be able to snag a bottle of NEBCO's imperial stout trooper if you're lucky, that's very local to CT though
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  5. MikeRedmond236

    MikeRedmond236 Aficionado (110) New Hampshire Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    I picked up a 3rd Anny White Birch today (I've had it in the past and enjoyed it), in addition to the wild ale. Looking forward to trying that one. I also got some Founders Backwoods Bastard I found at Bert's in Hooksett. Any idea where I might find the NEBCO trooper in NH?

    Also, Portsmouth Brewery is one of my favorites. My prized cellar beer is last years Kate the Great, likely the last one created by Todd Mott while at the P-Brew. Sitting on that one for a while.
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  6. You won't be able to find any NEBCO outside of CT and sometimes RI. I also picked up some backwoods at Bert's the other day.
  7. LOCAL

    LOCAL Savant (325) New Hampshire Oct 29, 2006

    I'd say some of the White Birch that has been mentioned (3rd Anniversary was fantastic) along with perhaps their new barleywine. Also any of the beers from Smuttynose's Big Beer Series. The newly release Zinneke, seems like it will age very well.
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  8. Moat just released the Imperial Stout in bottles. Last years was solid, so I have high hopes for this years.
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  9. You should be able to find various smutty big beers around. That's a great start.
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  10. TheMonkfish

    TheMonkfish Initiate (0) Chad Jan 8, 2012

    For cellaring The Drinkery in Londonderry had a case of Bolt Cutter as of last night. They also have a bottle of Moat Mtn Imp Stout (2011) for sale last I checked. They may have Black Ops too if you are into that thing.
  11. MikeRedmond236

    MikeRedmond236 Aficionado (110) New Hampshire Oct 16, 2010 Verified

    I did pick up a bottle of Zinneke at the co-op in Montpellier, VT the other day on my way back from Hill Farmstead, in addition to a bottle of Black Ops. I'll have to look for the Moat Mtn Imperial, though. Thanks for the heads up, I haven't been to the Drinkery before, so I'll have to check it out.
  12. BlueRogue

    BlueRogue Advocate (635) Maine May 1, 2011

    2013 Bigfoot should be hitting New England sometime next month.
  13. Berts Better beers had a few cases of founder's Imperial Stout. I got a couple four packs yesterday they may still have some. Good to sit on for a year if you have already had it fresh.
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