Looking for people who can vouch for TJ008

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  1. Hope this is the right forum for this. Ive never requested info like this, but saw similar posts here, so i thought i'd put out a feeler.

    I'm a relatively new trader, and just put together a trade with TJ008. No red flags, but he has no list of trade partners on his profile. I thought I'd do my due diligence and get some homework done. Anyone have any experience with this guy? He seems to be on the level, just wanted to cover my bases, and get into a habit of vetting trading partners. Ive seen recent posts of new traders being taken advantage of, just want to try to avoid that. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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    Your best bet might be to just ask him for trade references and follow up with them rather than hope they see this.
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    The appropriate things is to ask him if he has any previous trades.
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    I see you already have a few references, but you said it yourself you're relatively new to trading. New traders shouldn't start trading with other new traders. If he can't produce any references and you're dead set on completing this trade with him then make him ship first. Plain and simple.
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    I've long believed this myself. However, I think we're nearing/at the point where the new traders (<1yr trading) outnumber the old traders (+1yr trading). 2012 blew up the trading community population.
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  6. Good info. Thanks very much, guys!