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looking for the guy who sent me a box of beers in December

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by indesertum, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to look for a guy who sent me a box of beers in December. BA deletes old messages and unfortunately i think the only communication we had was on here.

    You messaged me about some beers. I was confident I could find them, but I couldn't. I promised you CdC instead. You sent a box ahead of time. I could not keep up my end.

    I then promised you a shipment of le blue, which is out now and I was hoping to finally keep my end of the trade. Which brings us to this thread.

    If you can tell me the details of the box of beers you sent me, the conversation we had, etc I have a few things I want to send you (le blue does come out on the 14th, but there's no friggin way i miss out on this).

    I really appreciate the chance you took on me and would love to pay you back.
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  2. johndoe8

    johndoe8 Savant (275) California Jun 9, 2010

    hey! wow i just sent you a message. had to look at my fedex shipping history to remember your user name too :)

    i'm so happy you remembered, i almost forgot myself !
  3. smaisch

    smaisch Aficionado (175) California Nov 23, 2009

    This thread makes me feel all warm and happy inside.
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  4. ehammond1

    ehammond1 Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2008

  5. hophead247

    hophead247 Savant (440) California Jan 27, 2008

    Awesome. I'm still waiting for 2 BA's to send me boxes for the Fantasy Football League I won many months ago.

    You know who you are...do the right thing.