Lord Have Myrcene

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    Just read a fascinating article on hops and Myrcene levels over on the brew blog, 4-1-12 entry. I don’t know how to post a link from my mobile, but for now, here’s the basic gist of the article.

    A group of East Coast homebrewers and pros collaborated on a study of hops’ contribution of flavor and aromas. At one point, they followed a promising trail related to Myrcene content. What they found was that virtually all hop flavors and aromas can be attributed to the relative levels of Myrcene in the hops, regardless of what other hop compounds are present. So they brewed a staggering number of IPAs (3 gallon, partial mash batches), using pure Myrcene extract instead of flavor/aroma hop additions.

    Some examples from the results of their sensory panel, expressed in terms of what the Myrcene content would have been if part of a total typical hop oils profile...

    30% Myrcene = Spicy, Earthy
    45% Myrcene = Flowery
    50% Myrcene = Floral
    60% Myrcene = Gooseberry, Pine, Resinous
    68% Myrcene = Citrus, Mango

    Possibly even more remarkable is that they also found that high Myrcene content somehow inhibits the isomerization of alpha acids. Thus, hops such as Simcoe are really only suited for flavor and aroma additions.

    My take is that while you may initially be skeptical of these claims, it should be noted that these guys really think outside the box. They also seem to have a passion for flavor, and according to the article, took rigorous notes.
  2. Very cool study. I'm finishing up the section on hops in Ray Daniel's 'designing great beers', so your post on this topic came a great time.

    That maris otter/centennial SMaSH recipe you bm'd me a while back turned out great too!
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    Please linky this as soon as you can!
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    Google is of no use in finding this link on "the brew blog"
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    Check the date boys (or girls)... :)
  6. Lol. Totally had me!
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    I'm just waiting for aficionado to chime in and tell us "I told you so, myrcene, myrcene, myrcene, etc. etc."!

    Nice prank BTW!
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    I guess I didn't get that it was a joke about that whole situation.
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    Regarding your title, what's with homebrewing culture and wocka-wocka puns? Just something I've noticed. Seems to bind (and gag?) a lot of us together.
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    Are you asking for yourself or just in general Mr. LikeHelles? ;)
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    d'oh! Nice one. :D
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    "Just read a fascinating article on hops and Myrcene levels over on the brew blog, 4-1-12 entry."

    Every important thing you need to know about any short story is always found in the 1st sentence.
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    I was completely taken in by this one :oops:.
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    I did not know we could have fun on this site! This is serious! Really serious!
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    The sensory panel info just looked too clean to me, but I figured that it was just being summarized in the best possible light. A clearly different result for each of those treatments just seems unlikely, especially in a sensory panel, which must account for differences in ability to taste and describe. And I thought the part about isomerization was something that seemed like it should have been discovered long ago and discussed with regularity in homebrew texts and forums. However, I was willing to accept the post as an example of another study to be skeptical about until more data are collected. I never considered the April 1 angle. In other words, you got me.
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    I have some pure myrcene extract if anyone wants to try some.;)
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    This only works if you brew and serve in a ziploc bag.
  19. I am a bit late to the ‘party’ but I really want to thank VikeMan for his post; it was most excellent!