Lost Abbey Bottleshare 11/24-Ultimate Box Set Release

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  1. Just pointing out there's a record of 3-4 infections over the past 2ish years. I'm not suggesting any specifics of how the infection happened, just stating it's happened a significant number of times. So, it gives me hesitation when buying any bottles. I won't buy BA beers from Alpine anymore for the same reason.
  2. i don't blame you. i've said for years that if you (general you) are uncomfortable with the risk of lost abbey's barrel aged beers, you shouldn't buy them. what's difficult is that a lot of people continue to buy them and then complain.

    with anyone's barrel-aged beer, you run the risk of infection. it's just a gamble one must accept.
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  3. I think it takes awhile to get over being a fanboy or fangirl. I used to be a big Apple fan, and I've learned the error of my ways.
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  4. i'm not sure what you mean. i'm still a lost abbey fanboy. i think people have mistaken my common-sense suggestions like "don't buy them if you don't like them" or pointing out the double standards against other breweries with qc problems (hair of the dog) for white-knighting.
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    Just drink 'em frosh!

    I stopped buying bottles for aging, whenever a good beer comes out, I enjoy it on the spot. This saves me a ton of cash each year, no need to worry about bottles thus no chasing beer etc... As these breweries get bigger they're making more beer and it ends up on tap more often. "Let go Luke, use the force...."
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  6. 2008 Angel's Share – If I remember correctly it was brandy
    2010 Deliverance
    2011? La Crude
    2010? Barrel Aged Santa's Little Helper
    2010 Churchill's Finest Hour - 2011 Silver
    2011 Churchill's Finest Hour - 2012 Bronze
    2009? Amazing Grace - 2011 it was the 375ml bottles
    2009 Cuvee de Tomme - 2010 or newer, it was in the new bottle format
    2011 Framboise de Amorosa
    2010? Red Poppy Ale
    Veritas 007
    2008? Ten Commandments (Kevin said it was the original) - I think it was 2007
    Veritas 010
    Veritas 011
    Duck Duck Gooze
    Cable Car 2012 (supposedly only 19 bottles out right now...THANK YOU LOST ABBEY)
    2010? Cable Car Kriek - was 2011
    2009 Cable Car (which I brough and unfortunately did not get to try...grrrr)
  7. Recently heard from a Stone source that it was an old Lost Abbey bottling line that is now located at Stone. BA IRS infection was Stone's fault in that particular case.
  8. Lol this is such a rip.
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    I'm pretty certain the CdT was 2009, it was a 750ml.
  10. Lost Abbey Kevin posted on twitter 1st 50 people to buy Track 13 bottles today will be eligible to buy a boxset, for those still wanting to buy one. Doors open at 10a.
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    Only if they get a "VIP" party
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    Hell Yeah!

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