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Low ABV/ABW High taste and quality beers next big thing?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BierGartenok, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. having been all over the uk in the past couple weeks, i wish more flavourful low abv options were available in the usa. while they're not all amazing, it's nice to be able to sit around and have a drink that lasts a while without getting completely smashed in the process. i've seen the amount of good cask beers at the local pubs go way up since i was last here two years ago.

    will these ever hit the top 100 on the ba list? no way.
  2. I enjoy very few beers under 9%ABV they are just to thin and watery and don't have much complexity to them, all they do is make me have to go to the restroom frequently. If breweries start doing this as the new trend I guess I will just start drinking bottled water, my liver will thank me and so will my wallet.
  3. OK, so you don't like beer.
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