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Macro cravings...?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by SerialTicker, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Sounds stupid probably to most of the beer snobs around (I'm typically one of them), but I get adjunct cravings every now and then (Random note: I used to think they were called Ad[vertisement]Junk).

    I had a PBR after I was four beers deep a couple weekends ago. It was my first one. Now, I was tipsy, but I actually really enjoyed it. Then again, the beer I had before that was a Bud Light ... so in comparison to that, it was awesome.

    This thread is just stupid. I'm just asking, have you ever craved an adjunct?
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  2. No. But I do drink an old-school beer out of nostalgia now and then. Something cool about drinking what your dad or granddad used to drink.
  3. I desire a Narragansett Lager on quite a few occasions. Find one you like and if the mood calls for it, drink it. Drink what you enjoy.
  4. ZAP

    ZAP Champion (820) Minnesota Dec 1, 2001

    Absolutely. I enjoy them in the right spot....such as after hockey in the locker-room...on the golf course...etc...not saying there would not be better options but I enjoy them just fine in these spots....
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  5. Kopfschuss

    Kopfschuss Advocate (560) Oregon Aug 19, 2009

    There is always a time and place for adjunct beers, I personally do not buy them though. If it is what is offered, I don't complain.
  6. Ricochet

    Ricochet Savant (345) Ohio Jul 2, 2004

    I'm drinking a Miller High Life now, had lots of Pabst, but also keep SN's Torpedo on hand. Have lots of Yuengling when I go to any bar. Was at a beer tasting in Chicago and had some great beers, but then, I was in Chicago, so I also had an Old Style. *shrug* Whatever I feel like at the moment or have in the fridge for the week.
  7. gtermi

    gtermi Champion (790) Texas Apr 21, 2010

    I would say the only one I have ever craved is a Mickey's. I use to love grabbing one of those and taco bell late at night before I really got into craft beer
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  8. Belial

    Belial Aficionado (235) Illinois Aug 9, 2005

    i enjoy a schlitz tallboy in the shower now and again
  9. n2185

    n2185 Advocate (715) North Carolina Apr 14, 2008 Beer Trader

    Not really. I never even enjoyed them back in the days when I really only drank to get drunk and had no palate for beer at all, so it's no surprise that I never crave them now. If I want something refreshing and simple to drink, I'll reach for a pilsner, witbier, or kolsch.
  10. I actually struggle with lagers, even the good ones, to me they are hard to drink, to smooth, easy drinking beers for me are the hardest to drink.
  11. Not that I ever really crave them, but I can enjoy a Grain Belt Premium from time to time.
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  12. I've been wanting a PBR for about a week, but I just haven't bothered buying any. I instead went to my bottle shop and got me some stuffs.
  13. Last pool party of the summer, I wanted Miller High Life like you wouldn't believe. PBR cravings are not uncommon
  14. ThisWangsChung

    ThisWangsChung Champion (845) Maryland Oct 15, 2011 Beer Trader

    You'd be surprised how damn good Yuengling lager is after fishing on a hot day
  15. Sometimes at a tailgate I get the itch to pound some Natural Light. That can be a very refreshing beer on a hot offshore fishing trip too. Damnit, now I want 1 or 2 or 12. :(
  16. MaxOhle

    MaxOhle Savant (410) Illinois Nov 10, 2012

    I know what you mean! Sometimes for me, a Coors hits the spot, but then again that means Bud Lite or Miller hits the spot just as well. I'm no huge fan of macro-breweries by any standard, but I say if you like it, drink it.
  17. my easy drinking beer is an IPA, always easy for me, love them.
  18. Yes indeed -- love me a Two Hearted or a Racer 5. Two of my favorites.

    It's been nearly a week since I've had an IPA. Better get on that.
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  19. willbm3

    willbm3 Savant (390) Massachusetts Feb 19, 2010

    There are definitely situations where a tasteless adjunct is desirable. Baseball game in the heat of summer, after cutting the grass, perhaps during a backyard cookout, etc. I never really crave them, but in certain situations it can work (although give me a Sierra Nevada Pale in any of those situations and I'm much happier). Recently I've been craving Heineken after watching an episode of Ultimate Factories on the flagship Heineken brewery. Naturally I bought a 24 of cans and have been downing them in a Pilsner glass like it's my job.
  20. I sometimes find myself wishing that Yuengling was sold in Canada.

    I've also been known to enjoy High Life now and then during the summer.
  21. SlycerB

    SlycerB Zealot (85) Washington Apr 19, 2010

    Every now & then,I get an itch for a PBR or Rolling Rock.
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  22. BYOFB

    BYOFB Savant (330) Wisconsin Dec 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    There's nothing like some ice cold, beer flavored water (Busch Light!) on a hot, humid summer day after cutting the grass....
  23. rodlavers

    rodlavers Savant (490) Pennsylvania Jun 20, 2012

    not recently
  24. HumphreyLee

    HumphreyLee Advocate (520) Pennsylvania Jan 15, 2011 Subscriber

    Eh, I get a hankering for a Molson or Labatt for important hockey dates - season beginning, playoffs beginning, Winter Classic, etc. - but that's really about it and, sadly, I don't have to go through that this year.
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  25. tylermains

    tylermains Savant (305) Kentucky Apr 6, 2010

    Coors Original. Yellow Label.
  26. Do I crave them? Sure. Do I enjoy them? Of course. I'm into all styles of beer now, and just because I've tasted rare treats and top quality stuff that doesn't mean I'm going to be one of those people who says "I'll never drink an adjunct lager again." Far from it. Will I ever buy cases of Bud Light or Coors Light? Hell no. But I'll drink Budweiser on tap at the pub, and buy cans of it for chasers later in the evening.
  27. fx20736

    fx20736 Advocate (685) New York Mar 7, 2009

    Maybe after I mow the lawn, I'll drink a Genny, Old Style or Hamms. Refuse to drink BMC. Yuengling bores me.
  28. endovelico

    endovelico Savant (345) Portugal Jul 25, 2008

    Not really. I know what you mean but i'll usually grab a pilsener instead, same refreshing value but with alot more taste.
  29. rfbenavi80

    rfbenavi80 Savant (380) Missouri Mar 15, 2010

    Old Milwaukee Light is always in my fridge simply because it reminds me of my Dad.
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  30. flayedandskinned

    flayedandskinned Advocate (515) California Jan 1, 2011 Beer Trader

    Not in the last 5 years or so.
  31. DFH120

    DFH120 Aspirant (40) Ohio Apr 12, 2012

    Lets say I'm at a corner bar and the draft list consists of macros I will always default to a Yuengling. I liike to use Yuengling as a transitional beer for someone who is drinking a BMC because its a fuller bodied beer and will slowly ramp up their palate for bigger and better things, I will then suggest for them a Great Lakes Dortmunder or a SA Boston Lager. I know the question was do I crave one and the answer is NO but for some reason if I'm eating a fried fish nothing goes better with it than a Yuengling.
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  32. The last time I craved an adjunct beer was because I needed something to put out a small fire and I didn't want to waste any water.
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  33. Well, since you asked, no. Don't like them.
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  34. Fucking love pabst. The style has its moments.....
  35. jhartley

    jhartley Poobah (1,330) Florida Aug 22, 2010 Beer Trader

    Do I crave them? Well sometimes I get nostalgic and want a Yuengling Lager or Moosehead, but then I remember I have better beer in the fridge.
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  36. Ndfan1323

    Ndfan1323 Savant (355) California Jan 26, 2012

    I never do. I have become an official beer snob. I wont drink if im left with the decision of only macros. But i will wash my dishes with them.
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  37. Demer

    Demer Savant (280) New Jersey Dec 13, 2010

    Whoa Whoa Whoa Yuengling Lager should be a staple in everyones fridge at all times. In no way is it crap beer.
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  38. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew Champion (870) Michigan May 8, 2006

    I drink what I like, simple as that. I just do not like macro style lagers, if that was all beer was I would not drink beer at all. There is no appeal there for me. If I am going to drink something just to drink it is going to be water, otherwise I prefer to enjoy my beverages.
  39. I don't like anything in the macro BMC line but I do still love as much as anything the beers I grew up with.Despite the explosion of new breweries and beers the old favourites still give me great enjoyment.Fortunately a local small brewer makes clones of these beers and as he once worked at the original brewery they are pretty close.
  40. kingofhop

    kingofhop Advocate (565) Oklahoma May 9, 2010

    I love AAL's. Sometimes I prefer Pliny, FBS or Torpedo, but I absolutely love a cold High Life.
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