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Manchester, NH

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by GRBrew, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    I am flying into Boston next Wednesday and then driving to Manchester for work. I will have a car and some free time at night. What should I be sure to hit? I see Portsmouth is not too far away. Is it worth hitting up? Thank.
  2. Portsmouth is great, but there are a few place sin Manchester that are worth hitting up.

    First i would say the Strange Brew Tavern which is downtown Manchester. Awesome beers on tap.

    Next i would say the British Beer Company, I personally have not been yet but I've heard they ahve decent beer and really good food.

    Also if you are there during the day then Bert's Better Beers in Hooksett is a good local bottle shop.

  3. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    Sounds like I will be there for the night of the 2nd only so Strange Brew sounds like the spot for me. The bottle shop would be cool but I won't be checking any luggage.
  4. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    Also, plans changed and I am flying into Manchester.
  5. Flashy

    Flashy Advocate (500) Vermont Oct 22, 2003

    If you have never been to Portsmouth, NH- then go there if you can stay there for the night.
  6. I would definitely recommend getting out to Portsmouth if you have the time. There are several other old threads that you can check for more info, the Portsmouth Brewery is certainly worth a visit, as is the town in general. There are tons of excellent restaurants, most of which serve local beer, and I'd make a point of visiting the Black Birch, just over the river in Kittery, Maine, for some very good food and an amazing draft list. I'd also check out the taproom at Earth Eagle, right downtown, depending on the day you visit.

    But there are some good places in Manchester if you stick around there or spend time in both places. I stick by what I and others said in the older threads that bring linked to: Strange Brew, River Road and Firefly remain my go-to places in the city for beer, with Milly's Tavern (a brewpub, which would rank higher if not for some of the bands), British Beer Company and Murphy's Taproom other solid choices.

    Murphy's used to be a place that I overlooked, but they recently greatly expanded their tap offerings, and while I'd still much rather a place have 12-30 well-selected taps, there are many worthwhile offerings among their 120 or so taps now. The British Beer Company was very nice on my one visit, but it's a shopping mall parking lot out by the malls, so personally I'd stick to downtown, with the possible exception of the River Road, which is in an expanded old house, with very good food and well-selected smaller tap selection, a couple miles from downtown in neighboring Bedford. Firefly has great food and a similarly smaller, but well-curated tap list, and is right downtown with one of my favorite rooms in the city. You could also head down the road to Martha's Exchange, a very solid brewpub, in downtown Nashua. The local breweries in the Manchester area include Milly's and Martha's Exchange for brewpubs, and White Birch and Candia Road/Nepenthe for craft production breweries.

    Enjoy your visit!
  7. Millys is cheap and good. Beer is solid and food is solid. And its cheap. What more could you ask for?
  8. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    Looks like I am staying at the Raddison which looks close to Strange Brew. How long does it take to get to Portsmouth? My flight gets in at 2:30 so it looks doable.
  9. dedicate and hour each way. will probably take you 45-50 minutes.
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  10. Close to Millys, too... For Portsmouth, hop right on Rte 3 South and then 101 East.... cake...

  11. I also believe that Strange Brew has Maine's Lunch IPA on tap. Worth checking out if they haven't kicked it yet!
  12. Manch-Vegas to Portsmouth is probably 45 mins with no traffic. (Keep your eye out for state troopers.) Also don't forget to take advantage of the NH State Liquor Store, which is dirt dirt cheap for wine and spirits if not beer. Portsmouth is a great little town. Set your GPS to the garage in Market Square, park there ($5?) and then you can walk around to a bunch of good pubs.
  13. You know, I'm gonna revise my estimate to an hour, depending where exactly you're coming from or going to in these wonderful cities of the 603.
  14. Ah, the Rad Pad. That is right in the heart of downtown Manchester. You can easily hop on I-293 to Route 101, or better yet just cut across town on either Hanover or Bridge Streets to I-93/101, and head east to Portsmouth. It's about an hour, usually a little less. Hang out there for however long you like, then return to the Radisson, and you're within very easy walking distance of some very solid bars and restaurants, including the Strange Brew, Milly's, Firefly, Murphy's, Republic (not much of a beer list but crazy excellent food) and several other places.
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  15. TheMonkfish

    TheMonkfish Initiate (0) Chad Jan 8, 2012

    If you're staying at the Radisson (it's a Radisson so it's pretty nice /Fargo) definitely check out the Red Arrow Diner in town (an easy walk from the hotel.) It's tiny and kicks all sorts of ass - their seafood chowder is out of this world.
  16. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    Speaking of food. What do I need to eat out there? I love seafood and will likely take the drive to Portsmouth.
  17. T-RO

    T-RO Savant (275) New Hampshire Nov 9, 2012

    Lots of restaurants to choose from in Portsmouth, for seafood I recommend Surf or Jumpin Jays
  18. Lots of good stuff in Portsmouth. Some of my favorites are the Blue Mermaid ("Island-inspired" food with lots of wood-grilled seafood, etc.), Street, the Black Birch and the Portsmouth Brewery.

    As much as any of those, though, I'd especially highly recommend Republic in Manchester. They have a handful of local and craft beers on-tap and in bottles, including Smuttynose IPA as a tap standby, but the real draw here is the vibe and food. The space is very nice, but casual, and the food is phenomenal. It's one of the few restaurants in Manchester that I think is on-par with the better restaurants in Portland, Cambridge and so on, and easily one of my favorite restaurants in the state. Much of the menu is Mediterranean influenced, with simple dishes featuring local food, and with nothing over $25 (and most entrees under $19) when I was there Friday night. If you're going to be in Manchester, I wouldn't pass up eating here.
  19. Jacob007

    Jacob007 Savant (435) New Hampshire Sep 18, 2012

    Moxie in Portsmouth is awesome, modern american tapas and good beer selection and of course Portsmouth brewery.
  20. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    Thanks all. The plan right now is to hit Portsmouth around 5. Wish I could bring some Michigan goodies but am not checking a bag. What are the odds I can talk my way into a Kate at the brewery? I've been unable to get my hands on one.
  21. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Champion (925) Maine Sep 17, 2005

    The odds on Kate are slim to none.
    Plenty of other great beers, though.
    Have fun!
  22. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Champion (925) Maine Sep 17, 2005

    Missed this the first time.
    Would definitely second dining at Republic. Great food.
  23. GRBrew

    GRBrew Savant (295) Michigan Jan 12, 2009

    I'm sitting at the bar at Portsmouth right now if anyone wants to get a beer with a Michigan ba. I have a blue puma zip up on.

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