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March Madness - Fighting Illini - LIF

Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by willseph, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. willseph

    willseph Initiate (0) Illinois Jan 31, 2011

    So after winning one of the Super Bowl squares, I have way too much damn beer on my hands. First world problems, eh? So, time to make some room in my cellar with a LIF involving my favorite team and alma mater. The winner will receive:


    -Founders Bolt Cutter & glass
    -Heady Topper (one can)
    -Bligh's Barleywine (conditional on if they make it to the Sweet Sixteen)
    -King Henry (conditional on if they make it to the Final Four)

    Since they are pretty much a lock for the Dance, the first person to guess correctly by posting in this thread wins the prize. Your guess needs to include:

    -The seed the Fighting Illini are assigned in the March Madness Tournament
    -The round in which they play their last game (the round they are eliminated)

    For purposes of this LIF, the play-in games are in the first round along with the rest of the games in the field of 64. Second round is the field of 32, third round is the Sweet Sixteen, fourth round is the Elite Eight, fifth round is the Final Four, and sixth round is the Championship Game.

    So if they were to lose in the Sweet Sixteen as a 7 seed, the person who guessed the following would win:

    7 seed
    Sweet Sixteen

    Simple as that! Sorry, only open to the lower 48. Good luck and go Illini!! I-L-L!!
  2. radio2525

    radio2525 Savant (255) Ohio Feb 14, 2012

    9 seed
    round of 32
  3. digita7693

    digita7693 Advocate (635) Germany Jan 19, 2010

    8 round of 32(losing in 3rd round)
  4. 7 seed
    Round of 32

    Fight On!
  5. 9th out in 1st rd.
  6. 8 seed
    Sweet 16 (Third Round)

    Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. Drucifer

    Drucifer Savant (495) Illinois Apr 16, 2012

    6th seed
    Final Four!
  8. brydeen

    brydeen Savant (285) Minnesota Dec 18, 2009

    7 seed, sweet 16
  9. UHCougar12

    UHCougar12 Advocate (500) Texas Feb 21, 2011

    6 seed
    Sweet Sixteen
  10. Drew26

    Drew26 Savant (405) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012

    8th seed
    first round
  11. jakeox

    jakeox Initiate (0) Illinois Dec 15, 2012

    9 seed, final four (hey, aim high).
  12. AJDePaul

    AJDePaul Savant (290) Illinois Jun 29, 2012

    5th seed
    Sweet sixteen
  13. 8th seed
    2nd round (I like illinois, so this choice is not based on my regard for them!)

    and thank you for the opportunity!
  14. COBeerBuff

    COBeerBuff Savant (345) Kansas Jan 4, 2009

    10 seed
    2nd round

    Best of luck to the Illini and thanks for the chance!
  15. wyatt13

    wyatt13 Savant (475) Illinois Feb 13, 2011

    9 seed
    Sweet Sixteen

    Still waiting on Northwestern to even make the damn tourney...
  16. 6th
    Sweet 16

    I miss the flyin illini
  17. Summer78

    Summer78 Savant (365) Illinois Jan 18, 2013

    6 seed
    Out in second round
  18. Gonzoillini

    Gonzoillini Advocate (680) Illinois Oct 15, 2008

    8 Seed
    Final 4

    If the ILL - INI make it to the Final 4 I will also throw in something to the winner.

  19. Gonzoillini

    Gonzoillini Advocate (680) Illinois Oct 15, 2008

    Boo this man ;)

  20. 5 seed
    sweet sixteen
  21. I-L-L!!!
  22. 7 seed
    1st round
  23. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Advocate (550) Colorado Dec 19, 2010

    10 seed, first round
  24. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (300) Illinois May 1, 2012

    11 seed
    first round
  25. hannydawg

    hannydawg Initiate (0) Illinois Apr 4, 2010

    #2 seed
    lose in NIT Championship
  26. Nevermind, the choice I wanted was already taken.
  27. Stinger80OH

    Stinger80OH Advocate (675) Ohio Nov 11, 2011

    EHHH...you're gonna hang on to a can of HT until the tourney is over??? No thanks...
  28. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (300) Illinois May 1, 2012

    Oh come on, we all know they won't make it past the first weekend...
  29. atoulouk

    atoulouk Savant (400) Indiana Apr 25, 2011

    9 seed, out in round of 32.
  30. jarrgal

    jarrgal Advocate (520) North Dakota Mar 12, 2012

    6 seed
    Out in first round
  31. 11 seed. Out in round one....

    I mean, come on, you let Purdue beat you haha (we suck this year)
  32. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (300) Illinois May 1, 2012

    Yes you do
  33. RayOhioFelton

    RayOhioFelton Advocate (635) Ohio May 24, 2011

    12seed 1st round
  34. Gonzoillini

    Gonzoillini Advocate (680) Illinois Oct 15, 2008

    So you don't offer a guess, you just rag on the guys FREE beer offer because the DIPA won't be consumed uber fresh?

    Thanks for your contribution to the community...
  35. 10 seed, sweet sixteen.
  36. Stinger80OH

    Stinger80OH Advocate (675) Ohio Nov 11, 2011

    Youre welcome.

    10th seed, eliminated in round of 32

    Thanks for the chance

  37. hopswap1

    hopswap1 Savant (410) Illinois Apr 27, 2012

    5 seed
    1st round
  38. 7 seed
    5th round
  39. Sidebordz

    Sidebordz Aficionado (205) New York Apr 23, 2011

    12 seed
    Sweet sixteen
  40. 10th seed
    round of 32

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