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Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by brees6221, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. He must have started looking at some of our Super Bowl Squares hauls. They have been pretty serious.
  2. shebby

    shebby Savant (280) Utah Feb 29, 2012

    I haven't done a BIF yet, but have a few trades and LIFs under my belt, if you'll have me. Have to start somewhere and this sounds like a lot of fun! I'll be closely watching March Madness and hopefully cheering KU to the championship!
  3. I had added him on the list to hold his spot while we discussed his provisional status. I sent him alewatcher's blog on trading tips and offered to help him since he has never traded before. Part of his response: "I will be honest with you. In over my head...I dont think I am ready for the whole trading scene." MAD PROPS to this guy for doing the self-assessment and being level headed, not just blindly diving in to get in on the hauls he's seen in this forum.

    DJ - When/if you're ready, I'll gladly be your first trade. I can't promise it won't hurt but I'll do my best to be gentle.
  4. dtx00

    dtx00 Savant (435) Pennsylvania Oct 21, 2006

    I would like in. Not big trader, but can provide refrences if needed. Most of the BA's here around Pittsburgh will vouche. Ive been a gang bang BIF participant since the beginning, and a couple of guys that are already in this might vouche for me too. Let me know.
  5. Indeed!
  6. redsand22

    redsand22 Aficionado (210) Illinois Mar 17, 2010

  7. RayUF07

    RayUF07 Advocate (635) Florida Sep 22, 2012

  8. You're in!
  9. 3 spots left!

    57. kawilliams81
    58. shebby
    59. dtx00
    60. redsand22
    61. RayUF07
  10. Bjohnston

    Bjohnston Aficionado (145) Kentucky Dec 24, 2011

    I'd like in.
  11. I'm in, please!
  12. I would love in on this. I work in England, but I have an APO address and a stateside address if absolutely necessary. There is one BA who could vouch for me and I'm currently working on establishing a trade history. If more is needed, will work with the OP. If not, I also understand.
  13. Sethzilla

    Sethzilla Aficionado (240) Texas Oct 10, 2012

    If there ends up being a spot left, I'd like to be in. I'm no stranger to trading, but this would be my first BIF.
  14. Add me to the waitlist please!
  15. Below is the field of 64!

    1. brees6221
    2. celticfutblclub
    3. AnnArborJoe
    4. Timmush
    5. beerborn
    6. hopoilcrazy
    7. Mcooly
    8. Lordkrystic
    9. richkrull
    10. davesway10
    11. bluedevil23
    12. funhog
    13. johnyb
    14. jaminjohnson
    15. TheBeerAlmanac
    16. MSEGUIN
    17. AJDePaul
    18. willseph
    19. mhksuccess
    20. Chitownbandit
    21. notjustgc
    22. coz
    23. NJBeerNerd
    24. Beerandboards
    25. Duff27
    26. Hindsight
    27. egrace84
    28. LambicKing
    29. Mag00n
    30. dbc5
    31. smonice
    32. beernut
    33. IrishColonial
    34. huskermike12
    35. TroyG2352
    36. Stinger80OH
    37. itsthepleats
    38. martin123012
    39. ant880
    40. urwithdave
    41. Kwaide
    42. Penguin3200
    43. usofar
    44. Jfriz25
    45. Ruddick
    46. sandiego67
    47. tugg407
    48. MacJenkins
    49. beernads
    50. Auslander
    51. hannydawg
    52. Krumb
    53. Beerontwowheels
    54. landrewg
    55. JoeyBeerBelly
    56. Stogies
    57. kawilliams81
    58. shebby
    59. dtx00
    60. redsand22
    61. RayUF07
    62. Bjohnston
    63. Damian74Shensky
    64. RendoMike

    If anyone notices that I skipped a number, listed a participant twice, or if there is someone on the list you have concerns about, please contact me privately.
  16. Lucky number 45! Let's hope I get MSU! Go Green!
  17. Hindsight

    Hindsight Savant (255) Ohio Oct 8, 2011

  18. so how are the teams you get determined???
  19. kbuzz

    kbuzz Advocate (590) Pennsylvania Jan 22, 2011

  20. O-No!
  21. I'll gladly take my hometown St. Louis University Billikens. Good luck to all!
  22. so you will jump on a live grenade that is at my feet your the man
  23. Temple Owls alum here, go owls! Well first that gotta make it. Lol.
  24. Timmush

    Timmush Savant (330) New Jersey Jan 5, 2008

    I think we should give the teams out in the order we entered... So, let say if you were the 4th person in.. you get the 4th best team. Sound fair? ;)
  25. Hindsight

    Hindsight Savant (255) Ohio Oct 8, 2011

    You got jokes eh? ;-)
  26. RayUF07

    RayUF07 Advocate (635) Florida Sep 22, 2012

  27. Humor is how I deal with my team sucking this year.
  28. heatwaves

    heatwaves Savant (335) California Oct 17, 2009

    Bummed I missed this one. I love survivor pools. Anyone want to start version 2.0?
  29. As much as I love my Wolverines, I feel like they have "upset victim" written all over them. That being said is still be thrilled to end up with them.
  30. beerborn

    beerborn Savant (345) Georgia Jan 22, 2012

    I've had enough interaction to accept your actions as honest and wouldn't think twice about it.
  31. beerborn

    beerborn Savant (345) Georgia Jan 22, 2012

    Indeed...after only a few I'm beginning to understand that more ammunition is always required. I must step up my porch assaults
  32. ThirstyHerf

    ThirstyHerf Savant (315) Oklahoma Jun 17, 2010

    if someone needs an out, ill take a spot.
  33. Maybe do opposite
  34. I really like this idea. I think it would be fun to know which slot we had before Selection Sunday so we can just follow along and find out what team will be our adopted favorite for March Madness. It also seems like it would be easier on whoever is running the BIF, but since that's not me I guess I don't really care how the draw is run.
  35. nasty31

    nasty31 Savant (250) Indiana May 5, 2010

    Bm me if someone drops out I'm down
  36. Kwaide

    Kwaide Savant (260) Virginia Jul 11, 2012

    I like to leave things to chance
  37. Penguin3200

    Penguin3200 Savant (320) Minnesota Dec 28, 2008

    I agree with BeerandBoards suggestion. Draw them to the slots. Will make watching the selection show a blast!
  38. Speaking of which when is the selection show?

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