Maritimes - Picaroons' Brewers Bash - July 13, 2013

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    For those BAs in the Maritimes, or close by, Picaroons Traditional Ales is hosting an event in Fredericton on July 13 in Fredericton, NB.

    The details will follow on the above link, but they are promising 300 beers from 60 Canadian craft brewers.
  2. I would like to see the list.
  3. The (partial) list is in:

    Yukon Brewing Company

    Central City Brewing
    Driftwood Brewery

    Wild Rose Brewing
    Village Brewery
    Alley Kat Brewing

    Bushwakker Brewing
    Paddock Wood Brewing Co.

    Fory Garry Brewing
    Half Pints Brewing Company

    Beau's All Natural Brewing Company
    Church Key Brewing
    Great Lakes Brewing Co.
    Muskoka Brewing
    Flying Monkeys Brewery

    Dieu Du Ciel
    Le Trou de Diable
    Brasserie McAuslan Brewing
    Brasseurs du Temps

    Hop City
    Shiretown Beer
    Big Tide

    Garrison Brewing
    Granite Brewery

    A lot of got-ems for me, but some want-ems there. Looking forward to seeing/trying the Western brewers.
  4. might do a little road trip from quebec to taste some of the eastern canada craft brewer's stuff
  5. Just found out I'll be attending. Can't wait.
  6. I missed out on tickets....was out of country when they went on sale :-(

  7. Yeah man, I missed out on tickets too. Didn't realize they'd have a 1000 person limit. VERY disappointed.
  8. It's already sold out? Wow...
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    Oh, I would love to have me some tickets to this. Anyone know where to go for the secondary market?
  10. There is a huge demand, and not a lot of movement of tickets going on from what I understand from my friends in Freddy Beach.

    I was lucky enough to score a ticket from my sister after they sold out.
  11. This explains why we (Lighthouse) shipped Picaroon's beer.
  12. Anyone from that end of the earth want to post an update as to how the event went?
  13. I ended up getting tickets at the last minute....they posted to their Facebook Friday evening that some extras would go on sale at the Brewtique Saturday morning. My amazing wife convinced me that we should go, so we were in line for tickets by 7am and successfully got two!

    Great event, was able to try 23 different beers that were new to me. Well behaved crowd, friendly volunteers, I really couldn't ask for a better day. Those double IPAs and Imperial Stouts combined with the hot weather hit me kinda hard towards the end of the afternoon, but felt much better once we napped in our hotel room and had a bit more food.

    Overall, I hope they attempt this again next year as we will be there for sure!
  14. I considered flying out to pour this year, but couldn't justify it for a first year of a fest. Sounds like next year, I should make it a priority, if only to go drinking with the Picaroon's Crew and taste their delicious Bitter fresh from the tanks.